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A simple CLI for running React projects.

For questions and support please visit the Slack community!

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npm install -g motion

Using the CLI

To create a new project:

motion new appname

To migrate an existing project, inside the dir:

motion init

To start your apps

cd app

To build your app bundle

motion build


Motion gives you a vorpal powered CLI that is built to automate a few painful things with building modern web apps:

  • Startup - Motion creates all the files you need to start from package.json to gitignore to index.html.
  • Running - A consistent interface runs your app server and builds your files
  • Configuring - Use your own configuration for babel.
  • Hot reloads - Hot reloads come out of the box, powered by pundle
  • Automatic NPM installs - Add an import and motion installs your packages for you without needing a reload
  • Testing - Pending


Motion is in early development. It's foundation is solid and it was designed out of real-world use cases. But, it's currently powered by our own bundler, which means you may not want to use it yet.

The bundler, pundle, was born out of a number of frustrations with Webpack. We wanted auto-installing npm dependencies that worked better than the current best, but we couldn't get around certain API's. As we dug in further, we found a variety of problems.

Another big thing we wanted was faster hot reloads. Webpack on our medium size project was taking about 400ms. We got it down to nearly instant.

Finally, we just wanted a nice bundler that's code was self-documenting, typed, and had a foundation that would allow for extensibility. The result is Pundle, the peaceful bundler. It still needs some love: code splitting for example. But we use daily at our company of four and we all love it.