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Don't be a Turtle Project

Author: Jaewook Kang


Project objectives

This Don’t be a Turtle Project makes all of IT people have right posture and feel good while they are working! We investigate a mobile machine learning based methodology providing feedbacks with respect to your neck posture. For this purpose, we monitor neck, detecting whether you are maintaining good working posture. If you are working in an overhanging posture, you will be alerted to maintain a good posture.

alt text

Note that the above model in .gif was trained only by 865 custom dataset.

Release Benchmarks

  • Pose Estimation Accuracy (PCKh): TBU
Version Framework Device size (KB)
0.5.0 Android Pie + Tflite Google Pixel2 749 KB
0.5.0 iOS 11.4.1 + CoreML iPhoneX 811 KB

Repository Components

├── images              # some images for documentation
├── dataset/coco_form   # Unzip the dontbeturtle dataset at ./dataset/coco_form
├── note                # Some notes under Google Camps
├── sh_scripts          # A collection of shell scripts for easy operations
├── release             # dontbe turtle tflite and mlmodel here
└── tfmodules           # A collection of TF python files

Mobile Apps


Technical Stacks

  • Tensorflow (+ Tf Slim) >= 1.9
  • Tf plot == 0.2.0.dev0
  • opencv-python >= 3.4.2
  • pycocotools == 2.0.0
  • Cython == 0.28.4
  • tensorpack == 0.8.0
  • tfcoreml == 0.2.0

Repository Installation

git clone
# cd dont-be-turtle/
git init
git submodule init
git submodule update

pip install -r requirement.txt

How to Run Training

export MODEL_BUCKET=./tfmodules/export/model/       # set path for exporting ckpt and tfsummary
export DATA_BUCKET=./dataset/coco_form/dontbeturtle # set path for placing dataset
export SOURCE=./tfmodules/            # set path for tensorflow trainer

python ${SOURCE}\
  • You have an option to use ./sh_scripts/ with some customization

How to Get .tflite and .mlmodel

Note that you need to configure ./tfmodule/model/ before executing the below command.

python  --is-summary=False --import-ckpt-dir=<ckpt path directory>
# Args:
#  1) is-summary==True : collect tf summary for model graph
#     is-summary==False: None
#  2) --import-ckpt-dir: global path directory .ckpt stored
# An example:
# python  --is-summary=False --import-ckpt-dir=/Users/jwkangmacpro2/SourceCodes/dont-be-turtle/tfmodules/export/model/run-20180815075050/

Donbeturtle Dataset v1.0

You need to create ./dataset/coco_form/ and place the data set

Baseline Papers

Related Materials

Project Contributors


  • This project was supported by Google Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2018.


A mobile ML project to detect turtle neck posture while your working







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