Small practical tests for future developers
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Motley Code Challenge 🚀

A Small repo containing some practical tests

This repository contains some small challenges, usually done by potential new hires during our recruitment pipeline.

Getting started

  1. Read this README
  2. Clone the repo (git clone
  3. Choose your own adventure
  4. If you are applying for a job, make your changes, commit them and send them and a small note describing what you've done via
    • A link to a public GitHub repo
    • A link to a private GitHub repo where you add @petetnt as a collaborator
    • A link to a public / private GitLab/BitBucket repo (or similar)
    • Or by email in an archive that includes the .git folder to or your Motley contact person with a headline "${YOUR_NAME} - Code challenge"

...or you can contribute to open source projects

If you don't want to do the regular test or want to challenge yourself more, we also appreciate open source contributions! Send us samples of open source work you have done and descriptions what you did and why to or your Motley contact person and we will continue from there.

If you haven't done open source work before, awesome-for-beginners repo might be a good start.

Help I am stuck!

Oh no! Send us a message at or ping one of us on Twitter (for example Pete) describing what you've done and what you have tried and we can try to figure out something together.


Can I do these even if I am not applying for a job?

Sure thing! You might even learn something or remember something you've long forgotten!

Can I get feedback even if I am not applying for a job?

Probably yes, but no guarantees! We ❤️ to help other people, but we are also rather busy so something might fall through the cracks. It doesn't mean that we don't appreciate your work though!

I have an idea that would make these challenges better / I have an idea of completely new one

Awesome! Post them as a issue or send us a mail and we'll look into it!

I am not familiar with the tech stack used in here, but I can do it in X/Y/Z

The tests resemble the tech stack that is used most commonly in our projects (React, NodeJS, GraphQL...), but if you can implement the same thing in some other relevant language or library/framework go for it! We work with tons of different kinds of stacks all the time from Python to WordPress too.