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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
logger.debug("%s loaded", __name__)
from BaseHTTPServer import HTTPServer
from SocketServer import ThreadingMixIn
from random import randrange
import doorpi
from doorpi.action.base import SingleAction
from doorpi.status.webserver_lib.session_handler import SessionHandler
from doorpi.status.webserver_lib.request_handler import DoorPiWebRequestHandler
class WebServerStartupAction(SingleAction): pass
class WebServerFakeRequestAction(SingleAction): pass
class WebServerShutdownAction(SingleAction): pass
class WebServerInformUrl(SingleAction): pass
def load_webserver():
ip = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'ip', '')
port = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_int(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'port', 80)
doorpiweb_object = False
possible_ports = [port, 80, 8080, 0]
for single_port in possible_ports:
server_address = (ip, single_port)
doorpiweb_object = DoorPiWeb(server_address, DoorPiWebRequestHandler)'Initiating WebService at ip %s and port %s', ip, single_port)
if single_port is not port:
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.register_action('OnTimeSecondEvenNumber', doorpiweb_object.inform_own_url)
return doorpiweb_object
except Exception as exp:
logger.warning('failed to initiating WebService at ip %s and port %s (%s)', ip, single_port, exp)
return doorpiweb_object
def check_config(config):
errors = []
warnings = []
infos = []
groups_with_write_permissions = config.get_keys('WritePermission')
groups_with_read_permissions = config.get_keys('ReadPermission')
groups = config.get_keys('Group')
users = config.get_keys('User')
if len(groups) == 0:
errors.append('no groups in configfile!')
if len(groups_with_write_permissions) == 0:
errors.append("no WritePermission found")
for group in groups_with_write_permissions:
if group not in groups: warnings.append("group %s doesn't exist but is assigned to WritePermission" % group)
if len(groups_with_read_permissions) == 0:
warnings.append("no ReadPermission found")
for group in groups_with_read_permissions:
if group not in groups: warnings.append("group %s doesn't exist but is assigned to ReadPermission" % group)
for group in groups:
users_in_group = config.get_list('Group', group)
for user_in_group in users_in_group:
if user_in_group not in users:
warnings.append("user %s is assigned to group %s but doesn't exist as user" % (user_in_group, group))
config_section = config.get_sections()
for group in groups_with_write_permissions:
modules = config.get_list('WritePermission', group)
for module in modules:
if CONF_AREA_PREFIX+module not in config_section:
warnings.append("module %s doesn't exist but is assigned to group %s in WritePermission" % (module, group))
for group in groups_with_read_permissions:
modules = config.get_list('ReadPermission', group)
for module in modules:
if CONF_AREA_PREFIX+module not in config_section:
warnings.append("module %s doesn't exist but is assigned to group %s in ReadPermission" % (module, group))
for info in infos:
for warning in warnings: logger.error(warning)
for error in errors: logger.error(error)
return {'infos': infos, 'warnings': warnings, 'errors': errors}
class DoorPiWeb(ThreadingMixIn, HTTPServer):
keep_running = True
www = None
indexfile = None
loginfile = None
base_url = None
area_public_name = None
online_fallback = None
def config_status(self): return check_config(self.config)
def own_url(self):
if self.server_port is 80:
return "http://%s/"%self.server_name
return "http://%s:%s/"%(self.server_name, self.server_port)
def inform_own_url(self):'DoorPiWeb URL is %s', self.own_url)
def sessions(self):
if not self._session_handler and self.keep_running:
logger.debug('no session handler - creating it now')
self._session_handler = SessionHandler()
return self._session_handler
_session_handler = None
def config(self): return doorpi.DoorPi().config
def start(self):
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.register_event('OnWebServerStart', __name__)
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.register_event('OnWebServerStop', __name__)
self.www = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_string_parsed(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'www', '!BASEPATH!/../DoorPiWeb')
self.indexfile = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_string_parsed(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'indexfile', 'index.html')
self.loginfile = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_string_parsed(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'loginfile', 'login.html')
self.area_public_name = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_string_parsed(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'public', 'AREA_public')
# or
self.online_fallback = doorpi.DoorPi().config.get_string_parsed(DOORPIWEB_SECTION, 'online_fallback', '')
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.register_action('OnWebServerStart', WebServerStartupAction(self.handle_while_not_shutdown))
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.register_action('OnShutdown', WebServerShutdownAction(self.init_shutdown))
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler('OnWebServerStart', __name__)
return self
def handle_while_not_shutdown(self):
while self.keep_running: self.handle_request()
def fake_request(self):
from urllib2 import urlopen as fake_request
fake_request("http://%s:%s/"%(self.server_name, self.server_port), timeout = 0)
except: pass
def init_shutdown(self):
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler('OnWebServerStop', __name__)
self.keep_running = False
if self.sessions: self.sessions.destroy()
doorpi.DoorPi().event_handler.unregister_source(__name__, True)
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