A simple reader of Amazon CloudWatch Logs LogGroups.
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A simple reader of Amazon CloudWatch Logs LogGroups.

How To Use

  • Make an IAM user which have permissions of
    • logs:DescribeLogGroups
    • logs:FilterLogEvents
  • Download Access Key & Secret of the IAM user
  • Load the html file on your browser
  • Fill the credentials
  • Select Region
  • (optional) Save credentials and region. These data will be stored on your browser's LocalStorage. If you save these information, these will be automatically loaded on your next visit.
  • Load LogGroups
  • Select a LogGroup
  • Read the logs and



Just place the CWLReader.html file on your HTTP server. Your browser will try to load the dependencies listed above.

You can also place the HTML file on your local drive and load it via file:// protocol, but it is not recommended because your credentials are save on HTML5 LocalStorage and any other your local scripts can read your credentials. It would be insecure.

Supported Browsers

Browsers which are not supported by AWS SDK for JavaScript are explicitly unsupported.


MIT License.

Full description of the license will be found in the CWLReader.html.