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PellMon is logging, monitoring and configuration solution for pellet burners. It consists of a backend server daemon, which uses RRDtool as a logging database, and a frontend daemon providing a responsive mobile friendly web based user interface. Additionally there is a command line tool for interfacing with the server and web based configuration tool.

PellMon can communicate directly with a supported pellet burner, or it can use a feeder-auger revolution counter as base for pellet consumption calculation.

PellMon uses plugins to provide data about your burner. The most fully featured plugins are ScotteCom, which enables communication with a NBE scotte/woody/biocomfort V4, V5 or V6 pellet burner and NBEcom for the newer NBE V7/10/13 controllers. They give you access to all configuration parameters and measurement data, and also handles logging of alarms and mode/setting changes.

The plugin system makes it easy to add custom plugins for extended functionality, a 'template' plugin is provided as an example along with the other preinstalled plugins:

PelletCalc Calculated power value and pellet consumption from a feeder auger counter.

RaspberryPi Access inputs and outputs on the raspberry pi single board computer. One input can be configured as a counter to provide a base for pellet consumption calculation. It also provides general I/O, and a tachometer input that can be used to measure the blower speed, by interfacing to the blowers tacho output or by using an optical detector.

OWFS Communicate with an owserver. Can be used to read onewire sensors, for instance temperature. It can also use a onewire input (ds2460 based) to count feeder auger revolutions for use with the PelletCalc plugin.

Consumption Calculate and graph hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly fuel consumption.

CustomAlarms Create an unlimited number of limits to watch on available data, optionally send email when a limit is exceeded.

Calculate A simple script engine to to calcualate new values based on the existing data and automate things.

SiloLevel Calculate and graph the pellet silo level from the fill-up time to current time.

Cleaning Calculate how much fuel is burned since the boiler was last cleaned.

Onewire Read onewire sensor data using the kernel driver interface /sys/bus/w1/

NBEcom Connect to an NBE V7/V13 pellet burner over ethernet

Heatingcircuit Automatically set the heating circuit mixing valve according to current outside temperature

Openweathermap Read current temperature at your location from

Exec The Exec plugin calls external commands when reading/writing items

Plugin documentation is found in the configuration file at plugins/plugin-name.conf


###pellmonsrv: Communication daemon. Implements a DBUS interface for reading and writing setting values and reading of measurement data. Optionally handles logging of measurement data to an RRD database.


positional arguments:
                        With debug argument pellmonsrv won't daemonize

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Full path to pidfile
                        Run as GROUP
                        Full path to config file
                        which bus to use, SESSION is default
                        Full path to plugin directory

###pellmonweb: Webserver and webapp, plotting of measurement, calculated consumption and data and parameter reading/writing.

usage: [-h] [-D] [-P PIDFILE] [-U USER] [-G GROUP] [-C CONFIG] [-d {SESSION,SYSTEM}]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -D, --DAEMONIZE       Run as daemon
                        Full path to pidfile
                        Run as GROUP
                        Full path to config file
                        which bus to use, SESSION is default


Interactive command line client with tab completion. Reading and writing of setting values, and reading of measurement data.

usage: [-h] {get,set,list,i}

###pellmonconf: Web based text editor for the configuration files

pellmonconf -h
usage: pellmonconf [-h] [-P PORT] [-H HOST]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -P PORT, --port PORT  Port number for webinterface, default 8083
  -H HOST, --host HOST  Host for webinterface, default

###pellmon.conf The default configuration is split up in several files in the conf.d directory using the directive config_dir = /etc/pellmon/conf.d in pellmon.conf.

##Run from source: # This prepares the project to run directly from the working directory ./ ./configure --enable-debug make cd src ./pellmonsrv debug # Run pellmonweb in another terminal ./pellmonweb

##System installation: # Add system users sudo adduser --system --group --no-create-home pellmonsrv sudo adduser --system --group --no-create-home pellmonweb # Give the server access to the serial port sudo adduser pellmonsrv dialout # Create build system ./ # Configure for running as system users ./configure --with-user_srv=pellmonsrv --with-user_web=pellmonweb --sysconfdir=/etc # Build PellMon make # Install PellMon sudo make install # Activate pellmon dbus system bus permissions sudo service dbus reload # Add them to init so they are started at boot sudo update-rc.d pellmonsrv defaults sudo update-rc.d pellmonweb defaults # Start the daemons manually, or reboot sudo service pellmonsrv start sudo service pellmonweb start ###Uninstall sudo make uninstall # Remove from init if you added them sudo update-rc.d pellmonsrv remove sudo update-rc.d pellmonweb remove

##Dependencies: rrdtool python-serial python-cherrypy3 python-dbus python-mako python-gobject python-simplejson python-dateutil python-argcomplete

##Optional dependencies: python-ws4py

##Additional dependencies for plugins ###OWFS: pyownet

###NBEcom: python-crypto xtea

###Openweathermap: pyowm

##Additional dependencies for building: autoconf

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