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"""The Allzpark configuration file
Copy this onto your local drive and make modifications.
Anything not specified in your copy is inherited from here.
import os as __os
# Load this profile on startup.
# Defaults to the first available from `profiles`
startup_profile = "" # (optional)
# Pre-select this application in the list of applications,
# if it exists in the startup profile.
startup_application = "" # (optional)
# Default filter, editable via the Preferences page
exclude_filter = "*.beta"
# Where to go when clicking the logo
help_url = ""
def profiles():
"""Return list of profiles
This function is called asynchronously, and is suitable
for making complex filesystem or database queries.
Can also be a variable of type tuple or list
return __os.listdir(__os.path.expanduser("~/profiles"))
except IOError:
return []
def applications():
"""Return list of applications
Applications are typically provided by the profile,
this function is called when "Show all apps" is enabled.
return []
def applications_from_package(variant):
"""Return applications relative `variant`
list of strings: E.g. ['appA', 'appB==2019']
from . import _rezapi as rez
# May not be defined
requirements = variant.requires or []
apps = list(
for req in requirements
if req.weak
return apps
def metadata_from_package(variant):
"""Return metadata relative `variant`
Blocking call, during change of profile.
IMPORTANT: this function must return at least the
members part of the original function, else the program
will not function. Very few safeguards are put in place
in favour of performance.
variant (rez.packages_.Variant): Package from which to retrieve data
dict: See function for values and types
data = getattr(variant, "_data", {})
return dict(data, **{
# Guaranteed keys, with default values
"label": data.get("label",,
"background": data.get("background"),
"icon": data.get("icon", ""),
"hidden": data.get("hidden", False),
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