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Environment Variables

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This chapter lists the environment variables that rez generates in certain circumstances, as well as environment variables that you can set which affect the operation of rez.

Context Environment Variables

These are variables that rez generates within a resolved environment (a "context").

  • REZ_RXT_FILE - Filepath of the current context (an rxt file).
  • REZ_USED - Path to rez installation that was used to resolve this environment.
  • REZ_USED_IMPLICIT_PACKAGES - The list of implicit packages used in the resolve.
  • REZ_USED_PACKAGES_PATH - The package searchpath used for this resolve.
  • REZ_USED_RESOLVE - The list of resolved packages, eg "platform-linux utils-1.2.3".
  • REZ_USED_REQUEST - The environment request string, eg "maya-2017 maya_utils-1.3+". Does not include implicit packages.
  • REZ_USED_REQUESTED_TIMESTAMP - The epoch time of this resolved environment, explicitly set by the user with (for example) the rez-env '--time' flag; zero otherwise.
  • REZ_USED_TIMESTAMP - The epoch time when this environment was resolved; OR, the value of REZ_USED_REQUESTED_TIMESTAMP, if non-zero.
  • REZ_USED_VERSION - The version of rez used to resolve this environment.

Specifically, per-package, the following variables are generated. Note that for a given package name, "(PKG)" in the variables below is the uppercased package name.

  • REZ_(PKG)_BASE - The base directory of the package installation, eg "/packages/utils/1.0.0".
  • REZ_(PKG)_ROOT - The root directory of the package installation (actually, the variant), eg "/packages/utils/1.0.0/python-2.7".
  • REZ_(PKG)_VERSION - The version of the package.
  • REZ_(PKG)_MAJOR_VERSION - The major version of the package, or ''.
  • REZ_(PKG)_MINOR_VERSION - The minor version of the package, or ''.
  • REZ_(PKG)_PATCH_VERSION - The patch version of the package, or ''.

Build Environment Variables

These are variables that rez generates within a build environment, in addition to those listed here.

  • REZ_BUILD_ENV - Always present in a build, has value 1.
  • REZ_BUILD_INSTALL - Has a value of 1 if an installation is taking place (either a rez-build -i or rez-release), otherwise 0.
  • REZ_BUILD_INSTALL_PATH - Installation path, if an install is taking place.
  • REZ_BUILD_PATH - Path where build output goes.
  • REZ_BUILD_PROJECT_DESCRIPTION - Equal to the description attribute of the package being built.
  • REZ_BUILD_PROJECT_FILE - The filepath of the package being built (typically a file).
  • REZ_BUILD_PROJECT_NAME - Name of the package being built.
  • REZ_BUILD_PROJECT_VERSION - Version of the package being built.
  • REZ_BUILD_REQUIRES - Space-separated list of requirements for the build - comes from the current package's requires, build_requires and private_build_requires attributes, including the current variant's requirements.
  • REZ_BUILD_REQUIRES_UNVERSIONED - Equivalent but unversioned list to REZ_BUILD_REQUIRES.
  • REZ_BUILD_SOURCE_PATH - Path containing the file.
  • REZ_BUILD_THREAD_COUNT - Number of threads being used for the build.
  • REZ_BUILD_TYPE - One of local or central. Value is central if a release is occurring.
  • REZ_BUILD_VARIANT_INDEX - Zero-based index of the variant currently being built. For non-varianted packages, this is "0".
  • REZ_BUILD_VARIANT_REQUIRES - Space-separated list of runtime requirements of the current variant. This does not include the common requirements as found in REZ_BUILD_REQUIRES. For non-varianted builds, this is an empty string.
  • REZ_BUILD_VARIANT_SUBPATH - Subdirectory containing the current variant. For non-varianted builds, this is an empty string.

Runtime Environment Variables

These are environment variables that the user can set, which affect the operation of rez.

  • REZ_(CONFIG_ENTRY) - For any given rez config entry (see, you can override the setting with an environment variable, for convenience. Here, (CONFIG_ENTRY) is the uppercased equivalent of the setting name. For example, a setting commonly overriden this way is packages_path, whos equivalent variable is REZ_PACKAGES_PATH.
  • REZ_(CONFIG_ENTRY)_JSON - Same as the previous env-var, except that the format is a JSON string. This means that some more complex settings can be overridden, that aren't supported in the non-JSON case (package_filter is an example).
  • EDITOR - On Linux and OSX systems, this will set the default editor to use if and when rez requires one (an example is on release if the prompt_release_message config setting is true).
  • REZ_KEEP_TMPDIRS - If set to a non-empty string, this prevents rez from cleaning up any temporary directories. This is for debugging purposes.
  • REZ_SIGUSR1_ACTION - If you set this to print_stack, rez will prints its current stacktrace to stdout if sent a USR1 signal. This is for debugging purposes.
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