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Character animation tools for Autodesk Maya 2018-2022 that enable automatic overlapping animation through high-performance rigid-body simulation techniques.


This repository contains the Python package associated with the commercial compiled plug-in for Maya.

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Open Source

Some of the work in Ragdoll has been separated out into its own smaller projects.


All Maya integration and user-facing tooling is stored in this repository. It's here to better help you integrate and extend the project to fit your specific pipeline, and similar to my other open-source projects facilitate PRs and the opportunity to take matters into your own hands. You've also got access to the commercial website and learning material to facilitate contributions and fixes.

Path Description
ragdoll The Ragdoll Python package
web Source for
docs Source for

Contributing to Documentation

Alongside the Python package, this repository also contains the documentation for Ragdoll, which you can build and preview locally prior to making a contribution.

From PowerShell on Windows, call each line below.

iwr -useb | iex
scoop install python git
python -m pip install mkdocs_git_revision_date_plugin
python -m pip install git+
git clone
cd ragdoll/docs

On Linux, use instead of serve.bat

Documentation should now be accessible at http://localhost:8000. Whenever you edit any Markdown document under ragdoll/docs/pages, the website will automatically be rebuilt and your browser refreshed. It might take a few seconds.