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A simple GUI for Laravel Translation.
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Laravel Translation

A simple GUI for Laravel Translation.

This package will allows you to take control of lang files in Laravel infrastructre . it will also allows you to translate user inputs (models or database columns data)


So simple just run composer require motwreen/translation in your application terminal.


If you'd like to edit package views run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=motwreen-translation in your terminal and you'll find it in this path : resources/views/vendor/translation.


you can include translations routes in your application like this in web.php file.

$options = ['prefix'=>'admin/translation/','middleware'=>['web','auth:admin']];


To migrate database tables run php artisan migrate

Using GUI

  • after installation you can access translation gui with
  • create your languages and translate them.
  • you can use (.) dot syntax to defind multidimensional array in lang file like this in key field:

which will produce this result in lang file

'level1' => [
        'level2' => [
            'level3' => [
                'level4' => 'etc',

Database translation

  • To start using database translations in your models use this trait Motwreen\Translation\Traits\TranslatableTrait.
  • define a protected $translatable array in your model class like this :

namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Motwreen\Translation\Traits\TranslatableTrait;

class Category extends Model
    use TranslatableTrait;

    protected $translatable = ['name'];

And in your controller :

public function store(Request $request){
    $category = new App\Category;
    $category->name => ['en'=>'Test Name','du'=>'Miene name ist Test'];
    $category->description => ['en'=>'Test Description','du'=>'Miene name ist Description'];

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