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Install the command line utility globally via NPM. This makes broccoli-taco new available everywhere.

npm install -g broccoli-taco

Creating a Site

To create a new site, run the new command with the folder name as an argument. Then, install dependencies and run the development server. Your new site should now be available at http://localhost:4200/.

broccoli-taco new my-site
cd my-site && npm install
broccoli-taco serve

Now you can start adding pages, assets, and data.

Building a Site

To build your entire site into a folder, you can run the build command with the destination folder as an argument. To compress assets, set the BROCCOLI_TACO_ENV variable to production.

broccoli-taco build dist
# or
BROCCOLI_TACO_ENV=production broccoli-taco build dist

See for full docs.


Issues and pull requests are welcome! Tests along with changes are also very welcome.

The best way to develop is to clone the project and then run npm link from inside the project folder. Then you can create a test site and run npm link broccoli-taco to link your project's broccoli-taco depenency to the cloned repo.

Tests can be run with make test.


  • Make CSS preprocessor configurable or optional
  • ES6 module transpiler option for clien-side assets?
  • Refactor setup/teardown of build tests