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namespace Interop\Container\Compiler;
* Objects implementing the DefinitionInterface represent a definition of a container entry.
* They can be "rendered" to PHP code using the toPhpCode() method.
interface DefinitionInterface
* Returns the identifier for this object in the container.
* If null, classes consuming this definition should assume the definition must be inlined.
* @return string|null
public function getIdentifier();
* Returns an InlineEntryInterface object representing the PHP code necessary to generate
* the container entry.
* @param string $containerVariable The name of the variable that allows access to the container instance. For instance: "$container", or "$this->container"
* @param array $usedVariables An array of variables that are already used and that should not be used when generating this code.
* @return InlineEntryInterface
public function toPhpCode($containerVariable, array $usedVariables = array());