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BASIC! keywords coloration and autocomplete for code editors
Assembly Visual Basic C++
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BASIC! Keywords Generator.bas
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This is the source code for BASIC! Keywords Generator.exe, a Windows utility that brings RFO-BASIC! syntax highlighting and autocomplete features to several PC and Android editors.

We recommend using Notepad++ 7.7 for a full experience. Other supported editors are: SciTE and Geany for the desktop, and 920 Text Editor V1 & V2 andJota / Jota+ for Android.

The BASIC! Keywords Generator source code is released under a GNU GPL v3 licence as per the attached file "LICENSE". The licence can also be found at

The BASIC! Keywords Generator needs elevated rights as it needs to save some configuration files to Program Files and only admin rights allow to do that.


Download a full installer of the BASIC! Keywords Generator at


The BASIC! Keywords Generator can be compiled with the PowerBASIC 10.0 Compiler at

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