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==A Shorturl Service for Wikipedia Projects by Node.js==
For many languages which do not use Latin characters the URL of an articles in Wikipedia might be very long.
We created this small project to help people solve this problem.
It uses the MediaWiki API call to get pageId by the title, and then convert pageId by base 36 to the short URL.
To reduce the frequency of API calls, a simple cache was used.
Requirement: Node.js is installed.
Steps are as below:
* Clone the repository: git clone git://
* Change directory to shortify: cd shortify
* Edit the settings: nano settings.json
* Start the service: node shortify.js
Thanks for people's contribution to localize this small software. So far, 8 languges were supported:
* mountain: Chinese language
* svick: Czech language
* mountain and Casey: English language
* Amir E. Aharoni (amire80): Hebrew language
* Sadik Khalid: Malayalam language
* Amir E. Aharoni (amire80): Russian language
* srikanthlogic: Tamil language
* Pierros Papadeas: Greek language