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geokdbush Build Status

A geographic extension for kdbush, the fastest static spatial index for points in JavaScript.

It implements fast nearest neighbors queries for locations on Earth, taking Earth curvature and date line wrapping into account. Inspired by sphere-knn, but uses a different algorithm.


var kdbush = require('kdbush');
var geokdbush = require('geokdbush');

var index = kdbush(points, (p) => p.lon, (p) =>;

var nearest = geokdbush.around(index, -119.7051, 34.4363, 1000);


geokdbush.around(index, longitude, latitude[, maxResults, maxDistance, filterFn])

Returns an array of the closest points from a given location in order of increasing distance.

  • index: kdbush index.
  • longitude: query point longitude.
  • latitude: query point latitude.
  • maxResults: (optional) maximum number of points to return (Infinity by default).
  • maxDistance: (optional) maximum distance in kilometers to search within (Infinity by default).
  • filterFn: (optional) a function to filter the results with.

geokdbush.distance(longitude1, latitude1, longitude2, latitude2)

Returns great circle distance between two locations in kilometers.


This library is incredibly fast. The results below were obtained with npm run bench (Node v7.7.2, Macbook Pro 15 mid-2012).

benchmark geokdbush sphere-knn naive
index 138398 points 69ms 967ms n/a
query 1000 closest 4ms 4ms 155ms
query 50000 closest 31ms 368ms 155ms
query all 138398 80ms 29.7s 155ms
1000 queries of 1 55ms 165ms 18.4s