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_val an irc bot, dogecoin tip bot, and all around good person.

erm.... bot.

v. 1.0.2

requires node 8+


npm i val-bot

if you hit issues on mac with node-icu-charset-detector you may need xcode command line developer tools

xcode-select --install.

Running val

  • Change the _val.config.js and _val.modules.js in ./config where appropriate
  • npm run serve

Use ${trigger}help for a list of commands.


script description
npm run serve starts _val in Xvfb mode (recommended)
npm run serveAlt starts _val in simple mode. nightmare commands may work
npm run away starts awaybot as a placeholder

If you would like to have _val running on your irc/slack/twitch/whatever in our hosting pool let us know. The hosting pool is run on an EC2 instance and is funded only by donations. It's a good way to have your bots running without having to worry about it.

All json configuration files are missing. Be sure to copy the example files to the correct name.

Feel free to donate to keep _val's hosting server up and running!

DOGE D5tq8KaqQJjoeQJUG7CDy5NAWaEyjibrDo

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant. By participating, you are expected to honor this code.

_val - Code of Conduct

Need to report something?

Change log


  • fixed a bug in doge tipping
  • added some plaintext commands
  • updated mtg card fetch formatting
  • updated slack interface
  • fixe a bug in trophy
  • removed harmony flag from server
  • made dnd die rolls case-insensitive


  • removed more legacy unscramble elements from words module
  • specified api version for mtg in modules example
  • removed a double wow in plainText
  • mtg returns better for multiple / exact matches
  • fixes end$ issues


  • val can no longer shoot itself
  • updated scripts to run Xvfb mode by default
  • multiple commanders from each core are now allowed
  • twitter core works
  • added core specific ability to disable modules
  • web api core added
  • updated question words
  • remove doge->tip ability to dm
  • updated 8ball and 4square
  • complete rebuild of how commands and responses are handled
  • module ini removed, now handled in the constructor
  • added imporoved help mode
  • modules are now classes
  • made syntax help available
  • website removed
  • twitter now trims to 140 chars and supports promises
  • listen to pm removed
  • xkcd bug fixed
  • awaybot updated
  • responses altered to support regex and dynamic commands
  • regex responses added
  • language parser module capabilities added
  • added awaybot npm script
  • switched market api
  • fixed plainText list responses
  • updated dnd module regex
  • added dynamic commands
  • updated guys list
  • trollOn blacklist now ignores punctuation and case
  • updated mtg plugin info and api source
  • added hipchat core head
  • doge ticker refactored
  • multiple doge tickers based on acct or number are now available
  • added POST possibility to api calls
  • removed unscramble game
  • magic api completely revamped
  • [[magic card name]] language parser added

Older Changes

To keep the length of this file down, older changes are here