Third-party dependencies used by our other repositories, bundled together with a convenient Linux build script.
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MousePaw Media: Third-Party Libraries

Many of our libraries rely on common third-party library dependencies. To minimize the effort necessary to download, build, and maintain these dependencies, we maintain this repository.

This repository contains the latest officially-adopted version of each library. We have built on top of the existing build systems for ease of setup.

See for more information on how to get started.


MousePaw Media is responsible for the master build system, the preconfig scripts, and some modifications to library build systems.

Otherwise, all credit for the libraries goes to their respective developers. See their respective READMEs, websites, and documentation for more information.

MousePaw Media' part of this repository was authored by...

  • Jason C. McDonald


Each library folder contains its source code as distributed by the respective original developer. See those folders for READMEs, licenses, and additional information.

  • CPGF (License: Apache 2.0)
  • Eigen (License: MPL2; compiled without LGPL sectors.)
  • Opus (License: BSD-3, some royalty-free patents)
  • pugixml (License: MIT)

See for exact library versions.


The included libraries have no special dependencies, except for CMake and the C++ standard library. Just build and go!

Opus may require autoconf and libtool for some configuration. Run make ubuntu-fix-aclocal to resolve any build issues it may have.


We do NOT accept pull requests through GitHub. If you would like to contribute code, please read our Contribution Guide.

All contributions are licensed to us under the MousePaw Media Terms of Development.


All changes made to library build systems is licensed under the library's own license. The rest of our original work in this repository is licensed under the BSD-3 License. (See

The project is owned and maintained by MousePaw Media.