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The PawLIB static library provides various common utility functions, many of which are designed as high-performance, near-drop-in-replacements for common C++ Standard Library (std) classes. See the official project page.

PawLIB focuses on minimizing CPU usage first, and memory second, and as such it is designed to run on older systems and those with more limited resources.

It is used by virtually all of MousePaw Media' core projects.

  • Flex Data Structures: High performance alternatives to C++ data structures, and then some.
  • Goldilocks: Testing and benchmarking framework.
  • IOChannel: Feature-rich multi-output text output system. (Alternative to std::cout)
  • Trilean: A new atomic data type with three unique states: true, false, and maybe.
  • Pool: A general-purpose implementation of the object pool design pattern.
  • Onestring: Performance string class with full Unicode support. (Alternative to std::string) [Experimental]


  • Nate Groggett
  • Jason C. McDonald
  • Michael Parkman
  • Sergio Ramirez
  • Scott Taylor
  • Jonathan Theodore
  • Jarek Thomas
  • Bowen Volwiler


PawLIB depends on CPGF.


If you have the full source repository, see for information on how to build PawLIB, PawLIB Tester, and the documentation.

The Ready-To-Use version of PawLIB only contains the folders include and lib. You can find the full source repository on GitHub.


We do NOT accept pull requests through GitHub. If you would like to contribute code, please read our Contribution Guide.

All contributions are licensed to us under the MousePaw Media Terms of Development.


PawLIB is licensed under the BSD-3 License. (See

The project is owned and maintained by MousePaw Media.