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MousePaw Media Standards

MousePaw Media has authored a number of standards to guide their ongoing software development efforts. These standards are made freely available for the benefit of the open source community, and the programming community at large.

The most notable of these standards include:

  • CSI: Commenting Showing Intent
  • LIT: Live-In Testing
  • QTM: Quantified Task Management

More information can be found on the Standards page.

Standards Format

The standards are all written in RestructuredText format, to be compatible with Sphinx. The root of the repository contains a makefile which can be used to generate the documents.

On a Unix system, you can use the following commands:

$ make html # Create HTML version.
$ make latex # Create LaTEX version.
$ make latexpdf # Create PDF via LaTEX.
$ make man # Create man pages.
$ make epub # Create e-book.

There are additional make targets as well. To see the complete list, simply run...

$ make

Standards Board

2016 Board

  • Audrey Henry
  • Nate Groggett
  • Anne McDonald
  • Jason C. McDonald
  • Scott Taylor

2018 Q1 Board

  • Jason C. McDonald
  • Jarek Thomas
  • Bowen Volwiler
  • Sergio Ramirez


These standards are written and maintained by the MousePaw Media Standards Board. Feedback is welcome via email (

You can also frequently find us in the #mousepawmedia channel on Freenode.

Pull requests to this repository are not accepted. If you wish to propose a change, email your patch to us at the address above.

For more information about contributing to MousePaw Media projects, see


The MousePaw Media Standards are made available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

The project is owned and maintained by MousePaw Media.