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MousePaw Media Websites

The MousePaw Games and MousePaw Media websites are made with HTML5 and CSS3. Our goal is to keep the amount of Javascript to a minimum.

The stable branch contains the versions currently live on and The master branch is the current work-in-progress versions of the sites.


  • Jason C. McDonald (@CodeMouse92)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Scott Shields (@AtomicSpark) for a TON of technical advice and debugging help. This website literally would not exist without you.


We do NOT accept pull requests through GitHub. If you would like to contribute code, please read our Contribution Guide.

All contributions are licensed to us under the MousePaw Media Terms of Development.


Our source code is licensed under the BSD-3 License. (See

Actual website content is Copyright (c) 2017 MousePaw Media. All Rights Reserved.

The project is owned and maintained by MousePaw Media.