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FIFA13 Ultimate Team Search

FIFA13 Ultimate Team Search

Having found pmzipko's code to access the EA FIFA Web APP for FIFA11 and then writting a wrapper for FIFA12. I thought I'd update the code to work with EA's latest and greatest FIFA13


  • Connector.php = Creates a connection to the EA Web App Server.
  • Searchor.php = Searches the database for the players/staff requested.
  • Tradeor.php = Bid on items and view Trade details.
  • Functionor.php = Random functions used to return player/staff info and other things.
  • Eahashor.php = Returns the hash value of the secret question answer supplied

External Files

  • pmzipko = The original code for the FIFA 11 FUT that my code is based from.
  • ea = The original JavaScript copied from the EA website for hashing your secret question answer.