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The Discord to Email client, connecting the past to the future.

Discord Mail


DiscordMail uses Eris and Mailgun JS to send and recieve emails, and routing emails back and forth from Discord to Mailgun. This means you can send Emails from anywhere to anyone.


  1. Have at least Node.js 9.1.0, RethinkDB 2.3.6, npm 5.5.1 and git
  2. git clone
  3. npm i
  4. Edit config/default.json, using config/default.rename.json as a template
  5. Create a database in Rethink with tables: registrations, emails, i18n, users and ratelimit
  6. Set up mailgun so that /api/mail is a webhook based listener for emails
  7. npm start

DiscordMail 2.2.1 to 3.0.0

DiscordMail now uses a new database structure for storing registrations. Please run the convert.js script before upgrading to 3.0.0


Thinking of translating DiscordMail?

Language Code Progress Translator(s)
English (GB) en-gb Main @lepon01 (7coil#3175)
English (USA) en-us Done @lepon01 (7coil#3175)
German (Germany) de-de Done @Crypti-x (CodingGuy#9320)
English (Slang) en-slang Updated Nov. 24th, 2017 @iDerp (iDerp#3616)
French (France) fr-fr Updates Needed @iDroid27210 (iDroid#4441), @lepeli (Yvan#5087)
Spanish (Spain) es-es Updates Needed @Mdstumpfy123 (🎃 Spoopy Memes 🎃#2545)
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-pt Updates Needed @PillGP (PillGP#2767)
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br Updates Needed @natanbc (Natan#1289)
English (Pirate) en-pirate Announced

Translations required:

Description Location
General Text locales/{code}.json