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Extension List

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Here is a more updated and more friendly way to propose modifications/updates to the extension list for Flarum (

I do not guarantee the 'updated' status of all those extensions. This list do list only the extensions made by the community. For all the official extensions, visit this result from github or this list on Packagist.




  • Custom Header - Adds a header above Flarum ... allows custom Html, CSS, and JS
  • Custom Footer Adds a footer where you can put custom html markup
  • LaTeX - Display Math expressions in flarum by Flagrow
  • Links - Manage Flarum primary navigation links
  • Logo Abandoned, core functionality in beta.6
  • Pages - Create custom static pages in Flarum
  • Github auto link - Links issues and commits from Github
  • samymassoud's RTL - Changes text direction from Right to Left by
  • Hazan's RTL - You can install this extension to change Flarum's system from LTR to RTL
  • Secure https - Disallows images to be displayed over http by
  • Summaries - display summary excerpts on the discussion list
  • Url transliterator - Small extension that transliterate non ASCII characters in discussion URL.
  • Frontpage - Flarum extension to mark discussion to frontpage.




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