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Arnaud Aliès
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import hashlib
from sys import stdout
from time import time
from urllib import urlretrieve
from os import getcwd, path
class download:
def __init__(self, link, file_name='', checksum='md5'):
'''Download a file, you must catch errors yourself'''
'''Just a class to download files using urllib'''
self.checksum = checksum.lower()
self.file_name = file_name = link
if (self.checksum not in ['md5', 'sha1', 'sha224', 'sha256', 'sha384', 'sha512']):
self.checksum = 'md5'
if (self.file_name == ''):
if ("/" in
self.file_name ="/")[len("/"))-1]
self.file_name = link
def GetFileHash(file_name, encryption):
'''Returns the hash of one file
this is the long fonction , you can also simply do urllib.urlretrieve(link, name, hook)'''
return getattr(hashlib, encryption)(open(file_name).read(path.getsize(file_name))).hexdigest()
def hook(self, *data):
self.file_size = int(data[2]/1000)
total_packets = data[2]/data[1]
downloaded_packets = data[0]
stdout.write("\rDownload size\t= %i ko, packet: %i/%i" % (self.file_size, downloaded_packets, total_packets+1))
def get(self):
'''Download a file from web with showing progression and hash'''
timer = time()
urlretrieve(, self.file_name, self.hook)
print("\nFile name\t= %s\nETA\t\t= %i second(s)\n%s checksum\t= %s\nFile size\t= %i kb\nSaved in: %s" %
(self.file_name, int(time()-timer), self.checksum, self.GetFileHash(self.file_name, self.checksum), self.file_size, getcwd()))
return [self.file_name, int(timer-time()), self.file_size,self.checksum, self.GetFileHash(self.file_name, self.checksum)]
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