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Plug-in Developer Guide

Plug-ins are small pieces of code that adds functionality to your own Movable Type. Learn how to develop customized core plug-ins for Movable Type.

  1. First step in developing plug-ins
  2. Extending the Registry using YAML
  3. Adding Configuration directives
  4. Plugin Localization
  5. Test Driven Development of Plugins
  6. Developing Global Modifier Plugin
  7. Developing Function Tags
  8. Developing Block-Tag Plugins
  9. Developing Conditional Tags Plugins
  10. Plugin Debugging
  11. Plugin Configuration
  12. Callbacks and Hooks
  13. Adding Scheduled Tasks
  14. MT Objects and Database
  15. Creating Your Own Objects
  16. Creating a new application
  17. Developing a transformer plug-in
  18. Modifying the management screen menu
  19. Add an action list
  20. Add and display a modal window
  21. Cooperation with external Web API
  22. Permissions and Roles

New Features on Movable Type 6.0

New Features on Movable Type 5.2

Rich Text Editor

Movable Type 5.1

Translation and Localization

Plugin config.yaml Reference

The (in)Complete Reference for config.yaml

Miscellaneous Tips


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