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FogBugz:Entry, Page

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  • Case 58667 Saving a draft without reloading the page
  • Case 102238 Ability to change entry author from the ‘Create Entry’ interface
  • Case 103996 Copy/Move of entries to another website/blog
  • Case 102258 Page break support for entries and pages
  • Case 25586 MTEntries offset and days attributes
  • Case 104094 FR: Remove the published files when a user delete entries/pages, or change its category/folder
  • Case 104153 FR: Import / Export pages
  • Case 104243 Action menu to change the entry authors of multiple entries
  • Case 92825 Reset “Display Options” sort order to the default
  • Case 103182 Tab index of the editing screen. Create Page, lose input context
  • Case 105375 FR : Copy entry to create a new post
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