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Movable type 5.1

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Movable Type 5.1 was released on 24th, May 2011.


Sprint Period Team’s Goal Engineering/UI QA I18N/L10N Product Status
m10 12/14-12/28 Clean up code Update test suites
Bug fix confirmation
m11 1/4-1/14 Github migration
Update build scripts
Term Standardization
Update nightly builds script
Update copyright year
Update test suites
Bug fix confirmation
m12 1/17-1/28 Prepare developer guides (1)
Clean up code
Smoke test
Bug fix confirmation
English UI check (1) skipped to m13 Prepare beta user guide Done
m13 (Beta 1) 1/31-2/11 Beta Ready Prepare developer guides (1)
Clean up code
Smoke test
Verify Beta builds
English UI check (1) Done
2/11 Review pull/patch requests (1) Review patches Bug triage Done
2/15 Release Beta 1 Publish beta post Done
m14 (Beta 2) 2/14-2/25 Clean up code Regression test
Upgrade test
Security audit (1)
JA L10N (1) Done
2/25 Review pull/patch requests (2)
Review Beta feedback
Review patches Bug triage
m15 (Beta 3) 2/28 – 3/24 English string freeze Fix release blockers Regression test English UI check (2) Done
March 24 Release Beta 3 Pushed one week due to the quake in Japan Done
m16 (Beta 4) 3/28-4/8 L10N string freeze Fix release blockers Regression test
Security audit (2)
JA L10N (2)
April 6 Release Beta 4 Done
m17 (RC1) 4/11-4/22 Code Freeze Complete development Regression test Prepare user guides Done
April 20 Release RC Done
m18 (RC2) 4/15-4/29 Prepare developer guide (2) Done
m19 (RC3) 4/5-5/13 5/18 Release Preparation Publish developer guides (2)
Verify production builds Update user guides Done
m20 (Final) 5/16-5/20 5/25 Ship it !!! Done

New in 5.1

  • Drag and drop to sorting categories and folders
    • sort_by=“user_custom” attribute for mt:TopLevelCategories, mt:SubCategories, mt:CategoryNext, mt:CategoryPrevious
  • Drag and drop to change the order of input fields in “Edit Entry” (104074)
  • The new listing framework to
    • load page faster by Ajax
    • display any data in display options
    • click column to sort the list
    • “select all” from multi pages
    • filter by any column (78767:)
    • join multiple filters
    • save as custom filters
    • be available for entries, pages, comments, trackbacks, websites, blogs, users, permissions, and etc
    • API for custom objects
  • Better Website-Blog Integration
    • Managing all contents at the system level (103873)
    • mt:Entries include_blogs=“all” exclude_blogs=“N” attribute (104098)
    • mt:Include parent=“1” attribute
    • Create a blog without website postponed to 5.2
  • Usability improvements
    • display code hint for Custom Fields in the listing
    • “Include Templates” widget in Edit Template
    • Syntax hi-light on/off in Edit Template (104129)
    • “Publishing Status” pull-down in Create Entry (104998)
  • Support modern browsers
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Safari latest
    • Firefox latest


% git clone
% cd movabletype
% make me
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