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base fork: movabletype/movabletype
head fork: movabletype/movabletype
Commits on Jan 18, 2008
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Merging the latest of release-27 to release-28. svn merge -r1268:1273 h… eb73acb
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Fix to build script for multiple languages build to stamp filename co…
Atsushi Uno Fixed typo. BugzID:66378 b8fba4c
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Hardcode documentation URL in static index.html. BugId:66571
Fixed MT version in the static readme.html.  BugId:66574
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Can't use MTCommunityScript unless it's Community Solution. BugId:66518 1d3368c
Atsushi Uno Fixed showing drop down menu when user don't use OK/Cancel button of …
…"Display Options". BugzID:66505
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removed "delete" column from the blog listing table. BugId:66520 0283b44
@yuji yuji Fixed typo dcd638d
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Setup page_layout variables for search templates. BugId:66517 5123291
Taichi Kaminogoya bugzid:66572 position of "Choose Folder" form on dialog fix 797258b
Atsushi Uno Fixed not to show drop down menu on pop up window. BugzID:66576 64a8aa1
Commits on Jan 19, 2008
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Calculate and fix offset correctly. BugId:66596 805b02c
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Show message when refresh blog is finished from the list action of th…
…e blog listing page. BugId:66519
Commits on Jan 21, 2008
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Show appropriate icons for known types in the edit asset screen. BugI…
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removed reference to profile_url. BugId:66587 0bc7bf0
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Japanese L10N. BugId:63885 7980d8b
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removing FAL contents. cbe23f4
@fumiakiy fumiakiy A little adjustment to Japanese phrase. BugId:63885 5de919e
@fumiakiy fumiakiy A few more minor fix to Japanese phrases. BugId:63885 07019e0
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Show the name of anynymous commenter on the published entry. BugId:66785 f3f8a1b
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removed a reference to __last__ special variable. It has not yet been…
… supported in dynamic publishing. BugId:66786
@yuji yuji Fixed BugId:66781
* Added 'category' to localvars.
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Intentionally duplicate phrases if they are found in plugins and addons. 094f6a2
@yuji yuji Fixed BugId:66788
* Fixed to work MTPages.
Brad Choate Fix for search field type/label on tag listing screen. BugId:66780 1bc7c7e
Brad Choate Updates to MANIFEST exclusions. 60a894e
Maarten Schenk Updating fr L10N, completing nl L10N 6532e62
Maarten Schenk Update fr L10N, nearly completed ac5e71a
@xantus xantus fix a side menu display issue. BugzID:66547 a4682b7
Commits on Jan 22, 2008
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removing references userpic from default templates. BugId:66835 e84597a
@xantus xantus use the clientHeight from absolute dimensions to offset the nav menu.…
… BugzID:58265
Beau Smith bugzid:66547 - adjusting js that moves content-nav 8809bde
Beau Smith bugzid:65421 - getting rid of big white gap in IE. 7fb33fa
Brad Choate Added 'layout-wm' layout used by Universal theme. Updates to allow fo…
…r relative paths from the 'index' page to the stylesheets.
Brad Choate Removing separate rule for universal theme, now under mt-static/addons. 5c3d94e
Beau Smith bugzid:66844 - IE Display Bug: Page Title Overlaps content when syste…
…m msg is closed
@fumiakiy fumiakiy In addition to r1310, also show authentication type icons of the comm…
…enters. BugId:66835
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Localize the env var that is to be modified in the build script. 4ce2d55
Maarten Schenk L10N now 99.99% complete for all languages, excluding bugfixes 9e80a3e
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Japanese translation of the new phrase. 9c8c171
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removed debug warning. 2744c83
@fumiakiy fumiakiy Removed JS error which prevented restore from completion. BugId:66866 05cd2c9
Maarten Schenk L10N de updates 63b333a
Beau Smith bugzid:66854 - adding margin left to system messages on pages with a …
Maarten Schenk EMEA L10N 100 percent, please stop adding or changing strings :-) 3fa558c
@xantus xantus fix the display issue with reflow, and reflow when hiding elements. B…
@xantus xantus cleanup. BugzID:66854 fb1ae86
Beau Smith bugzid:66835 - removing margin from comment-content that was intended…
… to be used when userpics are displayed with comments
Maarten Schenk Bugzid: 63436 Minor text change 0d0e2b5
Beau Smith bugzid:66893 - Fixing IE6 Bug where background and icons for system m…
…essages wouldn't display
Commits on Jan 24, 2008
Brad Choate Tagging 4.1 release. 3798361
Commits on Feb 12, 2008
Brad Choate Branching for 4.11 from mt4.1 tag. 9d9a81d
Commits on Feb 13, 2008
Brad Choate Initial work for performance logging. c90050e
Brad Choate Initial work for performance logging. 2a8222d
Brad Choate Fixes for timer bug affecting MT-Wizard. BugId:68176 bc11427
Commits on Feb 15, 2008
Brad Choate Remove path for ps command. e8a19f6
Brad Choate Only log query params for GET requests. 00a4f34
Commits on Feb 16, 2008
Brad Choate Allow a value of '0' to prevent the process memory logging. a5fc63a
Commits on Feb 20, 2008
Brad Choate Added 'PerformanceLoggingPath' setting to allow configuration of path…
… for performance logs. BugId:68319
Commits on Feb 29, 2008
Brad Choate Tagging MT 4.11 release. b8a1b8c