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Committed French translation #4

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padawan commented Apr 19, 2011

Touched files:

modified: lib/MT/L10N/fr.pm

modified: plugins/MultiBlog/lib/MultiBlog/L10N/fr.pm

modified: plugins/StyleCatcher/lib/StyleCatcher/L10N/fr.pm

modified: plugins/WXRImporter/lib/WXRImporter/L10N/fr.pm

modified: plugins/WidgetManager/lib/WidgetManager/L10N/fr.pm


Changes for French:

  • Fixed typos, typographical errors and improper capitalizations.
  • Consistent use of "e-mail" in French (email/e-mail inconsistencies remain in English). Actually "courriel" would be more rigorous (legally it's the mandatory word for French administrations and public bodies).
  • Consistent use of space before double punctuation (: ; ! ?).
  • Trackback should be translated into "rétrolien" in French. I didn't change it considering the branding Six Apart might want to preserve. Accordingly and to be consistent with typographical rules, I capitalized Trackback consistently in right-values. For English left-values you have an inconsistent use of trackbacks, Trackbacks and TrackBacks.


  • Some translations are handled in javascript, however I can't find the proper L10N file. Note that mt_fr.js is missing from the distribution. This might explain why many sentences are not translated and end up being displayed in English (most notably in the Listing framework).
  • Typos in source strings (unmodified):

Line 695: NewUserefaultWebsiteId -> should probably be NewUserDefaultWebsiteId

Line 1412: Referesh -> should be Refresh

Line 1465: 'Backup & Restore' => 'Sauvegarder & Restaurer' -> shouldn't it be & instead of & ?

Line 1501: direcotry -> directory

Line 2457: Synchrnizing -> Synchronizing

Line 3364: Que -> Queue

Line 3657: 'Some of tags' -> 'Some of the tags'

Line 4589, two typos: 'You can overwrite a existing theme, or cancel to change the Basename?' -> 'You can overwrite an existing theme, or cancel to change the Basename.'

  • On line 4555, '_DATE_FROM' => 'Depuis le' does not incorporate the trailing colon, so it's impossible to get the proper French typography ('Depuis le :'). Instead the colon is hard-coded and stuck to the sentence, which gives 'Depuis le:'. Same problem with 'q{_DATE_TO} => q{jusqu'au}' on line 4556.
  • There is something fishy in ## tmpl/cms/include/basic_filter_forms.tmpl starting line 3889 but each time I try to create a filter with MT, I get "<__trans phrase="[_1] [_2] [_3]" params="ID%% %% ">" strings displayed, not the translated ones.
  • 'Add a user to this [_1]' => 'Ajouter un utilisateur dans ce [_1]' (line 529)
    incorrectly gives: "Ajouter un utilisateur dans ce website" when adding a new user - here the issue is the untranslated "website". Strangely 'website' => 'site web' exists at line 1896 but doesn't seem to kick in here.
  • Gender issues

Such construct: 'New [_1]' => 'Nouveau [_1]', (line 1277)
often give funny results because it does not accomodate for the gender of the parameter. E.g. "Nouveau page" is incorrect because page is feminine, so it should be "Nouvelle page" (same with "note"). Since it's used in Entry.pm where both note and pages are feminine, I changed it to the feminine form.

I also changed 'Create New' => 'Créer un nouveau' to the genderless form 'Créer...' which does not clash with this gender issue ('note' and 'page' are feminine while the other items are masculine). To add complexity, even so "élément" and "site" are both masculine, it's "Nouvel élément" and "Nouveau site". Properly accomodating those cases would require changing the source strings in the code.


yuji commented Apr 22, 2011

done, Thanks!

@yuji yuji closed this Apr 22, 2011

yuji pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 16, 2017

Merge pull request #4 from movabletype/fix_tests/monkey_patch_redefined
Silence "redefined" warning in t/61-backupfilehandler-asset.t and t/6…
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