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Reblog is a Movable Type plugin that parses Atom and RSS feeds and transforms feed entries into Movable Type entries. Imports can be run either manually or in the background using run-periodic-tasks.


Reblog supports the following versions of Movable Type:

  • Movable Type 4.25+
  • Movable Type 5.1+

Additional Perl Module Requirements

In addition to the System Requirements for Movable Type, Reblog requires the following Perl modules:

Optional Perl Modules

To improve the performance of Reblog, the following modules may also be installed.

Movable Type developers may also wish to install:

  • Six Apart's MT::Test for running unit tests.


Install the Perl modules discussed above using installation procedures for CPAN, CPANminus, PPM, or the packaging system that is supported by your operating system.

After downloading and uncompressing this package:

  1. Upload the entire Reblog directory within the plugins directory of this distribution to the corresponding plugins directory within the Movable Type installation directory.
  • UNIX example:
    • Copy mt-plugin-reblog/plugins/reblog/ into /var/wwww/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/.
  • Windows example:
    • Copy mt-plugin-reblog/plugins/reblog/ into C:\webroot\mt-cgi\plugins\ .


Once installed, this plugin appears under the Tools menu in each blog in two places:

  • Tools > Reblog Configuration
  • Tools > Reblog Sourcefeeds

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation is located at


This plugin is MIT licensed. See for the exact license.


This plugin has been contributed to by many current and former employees of Six Apart, Ltd., After6 Services, 601am, Endevver, and See the Credits page on the Reblog wiki for a list of specific individuals who have contributed.

The Reblog concept was initially developed at by the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, Stamen Design, and other contributors.


Copyright © 2007 - 2013, Six Apart Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Enhancements to update frequencies and hierarchical category support, additional documentation, Copyright © 2011-2013, After6 Services LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Additional documentation contained in the Wiki, Copyright © 2011-2012, 601am LLC. All Rights Reserved.