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Movable Type plugin for identifying unrecognized tags in use in templates.
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Unrecognized Tags plugin

The Unrecognized Tags plugin is a tool for identifying all tags in use across all templates system-wide that Movable Type does not recognize.


This plugin is useful for Movable Type administrators who need to quickly scan an installation for any and all template tags that are unrecognized by the system. Unrecognized tags can result from the following:

  • Core template tags being removed after first being deprecated.
  • Disabling a plugin that provides template tags that templates depend upon.
  • Deleting a plugin that provides template tags.
  • A plugin that is broken for some reason.

The default behavior of Movable Type is to throw an error message when it encounters an unrecognized tag during the course of a rebuild or when a template is edited. This means that in order to identify all such tags it is necessary to open edit and save every template or to repeatedly rebuild. Then each unrecognized tag must be resolved by hand or wrapped in <mt:Ignore> before trying to rebuild again.

Unrecognized Tags is intended to simplify this process. It can be especially useful when upgrading, or when preparing to use or discontinue use of a particular plugin. It is also helpful for large or legacy installations all of whose blogs and templates aren't fully understood by the people currently dealing with the system.


The plugin adds an "Unrecognized Tags" menu item to the Tools menu at the System Overview level. When you select this item, Unrecognized Tags will generate and display a listing of all usages of unrecognized tags, grouped by tag, and listing the blog and template (with a link to edit the template) in which each usage occurs.

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