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ezOVPN - The easy open source OpenVPN Client
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What is ezOVPN?

ezOVPN - or easy OVPN - is an open source cross-platform OpenVPN GUI client, that allows you to easily manage your configurations.


The quickstart guide helps you to immediately jump into ezOVPN.


  1. Download the latest Ubuntu package.
  2. Execute ./ without root permissions. You will be asked for your sudo password.
  3. Create a ezOVPN.desktop file sudo touch ezOVPN.desktop && sudo chmod 775 and follow this guide. Set Exec=sudo ezovpn and Icon=/path/to/your_release/ezOVPN_logo.png
  4. Enjoy ezOVPN :-)


  1. Download the latest Windows package.
  2. Add openvpn to your PATH (Tutorial)
  3. Execute the .exe File.
  4. Enjoy ezOVPN :-)

'I want to know what I am doing' guide

Important: Unfortunately, ezOVPN needs to be executed as root, because it is interacting with the OpenVPN CLI, which creates a TUN/TAP interface and a local TCP server called Management Interface. If you're uncomfortable with it, just give the executing user permissions to openvpn and you should be fine without running the whole software as root.

The script installs the latest openVPN client via apt, creates an executable script, which basically only executes java -jar /path/to/jarfile.jar and a symlink in /usr/bin/ezovpn to this script. Furthermore, it enables all users to execute it as sudo, which is perhaps a vulnerability in your system.

ezOVPN is still an unstable and insecure software, so please be careful and don't use this software, unless you operate on a safe environment. Keep in mind, that you use this software at your own risk. It is provided without any kind of warranty.


There are several common problems that may occur.

Java: "Cannot find Mainclass com.movcmpret..."

This error mostly occurs, because the destination system has no JavaFX support. Unfortunately, there still exist some packaging problems with maven, which is why you need to install the required libs for JavaFX manually. Since this runs with Java 8 following apt packages are required (For Ubuntu; Please check for similar packages in for your dist):

  • openjfx=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2
  • libopenjfx-jni=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2
  • libopenjfx-java=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2

Credits - JodaTime

Google Inc. - GSON - OpenVPN - NordVPN

Icons: Atomic Lotus, Bogdan Rosu Creative

Logo by Don Theonardo Liesanni

Copyright ©, released under GPLv3

Questions to movcmpret -[at]- protonmail -[dot]- com

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