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TYPO3 Extension "me_cleverreach"

Implements the CleverReach API for TYPO3.


Install and configure extension about extension manager.


Also it is possible to configure extension by TypoScript.

  • plugin.tx_mecleverreach.settings.config.wsdlUrl = URL to api
  • plugin.tx_mecleverreach.settings.config.apiKey = api key
  • plugin.tx_mecleverreach.settings.config.source = list name
  • plugin.tx_mecleverreach.settings.config.formId = form id
  • plugin.tx_mecleverreach.settings.config.listId = list id

How to use

Configure CleverReach api data and add plugin as page content.


Change Log

2016-06-14 Hendrik Papmahl

* Update translations

2016-02-18 Philipp Heckelt

* Release for TYPO3 7
* Changes for phpunit

2015-05-08 Steve Schütze

* resolve dependencies to other extensions

2015-05-08 Jan Maennig

* Update composer.json to fixed problems at extension activation

2015-04-10 Jan Maennig

* Add log for api call error and add extension configuration at extension manager.

2015-04-08 Jan Maennig

* Initial release to TER!
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