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moveability: walkability and cycleability metrics for global cities

Warning: Currently experimental only

Open-source engine to calculate comprehensive moveability statistics for a global cities. Moveability is intended to connote any means by which people might actively move thenselves, primarily implying walking and cycling, but also potentially skating, scootering, wheelchairing, or any other conceivable form of active transport.


Currently only one function that works like this:

library (moveability)
verts <- moveability (city = "muenster germany")

The function does a heap of heavy work, downloading the entire street network and calculating routes between every single pair of points in the network. This is likely to take quite some time - at least several minutes - but will provide progress information on the way. The result is a data.frame of all points in the street network for the nominated city, with a column $m quantifying moveability.

The result can be directly viewed with mapdeck with the following code:

library (mapdeck)
set_token (Sys.getenv ("MAPBOX_TOKEN"))
loc <- c (mean (verts$x), mean (verts$y))
verts$m <- 20 * verts$m / max (verts$m)
mapdeck (style = 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v9',
         zoom = 12,
         location = loc) %>%
    add_pointcloud (data = verts,
              layer_id = "walkability",
              lon = "x",
              lat = "y",
              radius = 10,
              fill_colour = "m",
              palette = "inferno")

or the same thing plotted as polygons of city blocks

and finally projected back on to the street network, repeating full code to demonstrate how

streetnet <- dodgr::dodgr_streetnet (bbox = "münster de", expand = 0.05) %>%
    dodgr::weight_streetnet (wt_profile = "foot") # or whatever
m <- moveability (streetnet = streetnet)
lsf <- moveability_to_lines (m, streetnet) # sf-format linestrings
# add "width" for plotting:
lsf$width <- sqrt (lsf$flow * 10 / max (lsf$flow))

library (mapdeck)
set_token (Sys.getenv ("MAPBOX_TOKEN"))
loc <- colMeans ( (rbind, l$geometry))
mapdeck (style = 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v9',
         zoom = 12,
         location = loc) %>%
    add_path (data = lsf,
              stroke_colour = "flow",
              stroke_width = "width",
              palette = "inferno")


walkability and cycleability metrics for global cities



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