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Storm - A Modern Probabilistic Model Checker

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The Storm website provides documentation and background information.

  • For installation and usage instructions, check out the documentation found in Getting Started.
  • Video tutorials and interactive code examples are available in Tutorials.
  • The Storm starter project provides a starting point for incorporating Storm into C++ projects.
  • Storm provides a Python interface called stormpy for easy prototyping and interaction with Storm.
  • In case of any issues installing or using Storm, let us know.


Various benchmarks together with example invocations of Storm can be found at the Quantitative Verification Benchmark Set (QVBS). Additional input files for Storm can be obtained from the storm-examples repository.


We welcome contributions to Storm. Our information for developers contains general information to get started with the development on Storm. Feel free to contact us in case you need any pointers or help.


Storm has been developed at RWTH Aachen University.

Principal developers
  • Christian Hensel
  • Sebastian Junges
  • Joost-Pieter Katoen
  • Tim Quatmann
  • Matthias Volk
Developers (lexicographical order)
  • Jana Berger
  • Alexander Bork
  • David Korzeniewski
  • Jip Spel
Contributors (lexicographical order)
  • Daniel Basgöze
  • Dimitri Bohlender
  • Harold Bruintjes
  • Michael Deutschen
  • Linus Heck
  • Thomas Heinemann
  • Thomas Henn
  • Tom Janson
  • Jan Karuc
  • Joachim Klein
  • Gereon Kremer
  • Sascha Vincent Kurowski
  • Hannah Mertens
  • Stefanie Mohr
  • Stefan Pranger
  • Svenja Stein
  • Manuel Sascha Weiand
  • Lukas Westhofen

For an exhaustive list of contributors and more details, see the Github page.

Citing Storm

If you want to cite Storm, please use the most recent paper in this category.