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@volkm volkm released this Nov 14, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

  • Added support for multi-dimensional quantile queries.
  • Added support for multi-objective model checking under pure (deterministic) schedulers with bounded memory using --purescheds.
  • Allow to quickly check a benchmark from the Quantitative Verification Benchmark Set using the --qvbs option.
  • Added script resources/examples/ to download the QVBS.
  • If an option is unknown, Storm now suggests similar option names.
  • Flagged several options as 'advanced' to clean up the --help-message. Use --help all to display a complete list of options.
  • Support for parsing of exact time bounds for properties, e.g., P=? [F=27 "goal"].
  • Export of optimal schedulers when checking MDPs with the sparse engine (experimental). Use --exportscheduler <filename>.
  • PRISM language: Support for the new round operator.
  • PRISM language: Improved error messages of the parser.
  • JANI: Allow bounded types for constants.
  • JANI: Support for non-trivial reward accumulations.
  • JANI: Fixed support for reward expressions over non-transient variables.
  • DRN: Added support for exact parsing and action-based rewards.
  • DRN: Support for placeholder variables which allows to parse recurring rational functions only once.
  • Fixed sparse bisimulation of MDPs (which failed if all non-absorbing states in the quotient are initial).
  • Support for export of MTBDDs from Storm.
  • Support for k-shortest path counterexamples (arguments -cex --cextype shortestpath)
  • New settings module transformation for Markov chain transformations. Use --help transformation to get a list of available transformations.
  • Support for eliminating chains of Non-Markovian states in MAs via --eliminate-chains.
  • Export to dot format allows for maximal line width in states (argument --dot-maxwidth <width>)
  • storm-conv can now apply transformations on a prism file.
  • storm-pars: Enabled building, bisimulation and analysis of symbolic models.
  • storm-dft: Support partial-order for state space generation.
  • storm-dft: Compute lower and upper bounds for number of BE failures via SMT.
  • storm-dft: Allow to set relevant events which are not set to Don't Care.
  • storm-dft: Support for constant failed BEs. Use flag --uniquefailedbe to create a unique constant failed BE.
  • storm-dft: Support for probabilistic BEs via PDEPs.
  • Fixed linking with Mathsat on macOS.
  • Fixed linking with IntelTBB for GCC.
  • Fixed compilation for macOS Mojave and higher.
  • Several bug fixes.
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