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MovieousPlayer-Android is an audio and video player SDK for Android platform. It provides a concise and convenient interface with highly customizable and secondary development to help developers quickly develop player applications on the Android platform.

Read this in other languages: English, 简体中文.


  • based on ExoPlayer
  • Android Min API 14
  • Support live/vod streaming media playback
  • Common audio and video containers (MP4, M4A, flv, hls, dash Etc.)
  • Multiple-screen preview mode
  • Support hardware decoding
  • Support cache data locally, can be played offline
  • Support first screen open in seconds
  • Support cover setting
  • Support Mainstream chip system architecture

SDK Requirements

Android 4.0 (API 14) or later


The wiki documentation: MovieousPlayer Development Guide for your reference


MovieousPlayer is based on ExoPlayer , Thanks for ExoPlayer

Feedback and Suggestions

Please feedback the problem by submitting issues on GitHub's repo if any problems you got, describe it as clearly as possible, It would be nice if an error message or screenshot also came together, and pointed out the type of bug or other issues in Labels.

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