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MovieousShortVideo-Android is a short video SDK for Android platform launched by Movieous. It provides video recording, video editing, beautification, filter, segment recording, cloud storage, and many other functions, supporting high customization and secondary development.

Read this in other languages: English, 简体中文.

Features list

  • Support video recording/editing
  • Segment recording
  • Delete video
  • Auto focus
  • Manual focus
  • Support microphone mute
  • Support flash operation
  • Support camera dynamic switching
  • Support watermark
  • Video stitching
  • Video segment clip
  • Support H.264 and AAC hard encoding
  • Third-party beautification interface
  • Third-party filter interface
  • Big eyes/Face-lifting Contact us
  • Sticker effects Contact us
  • Filter effects Contact us
  • Background replacement Contact us
  • Expression effects Contact us
  • Gesture recognition Contact us
  • Uploading to cloud-end
  • Continue to transport after pause
  • Support for mainstream architecture like arm64、armv7、armeabi、x86
  • Support Android API 18(Android 4.3)and later

MovieousShortVideo-Android Wiki

wiki documents:MovieousShortVideo-Android Guide for your reference

Device and system requirements

  • Device requirements:Device with Android system
  • System requirements:Android 4.3(API 18) and later

Feedback and Suggestions

Please feedback the problem by submitting issues on GitHub's repo if any problems you got, describe it as clearly as possible, It would be nice if an error message or screenshot also came together, and pointed out the type of bug or other issues in Labels.

View existing issues and submit bugs here.

Authentication description

  • The usage of SDK requires official authentication

  • Authentication method

After creating the app on the official website, the console will generate the license.txt authentication file, and pass the string in the license.txt file to the SDK for authentication through the init interface in UShortVideoEnv. Please refer to the SDK documentation interface description for details.

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