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Movim Changelog

v0.15 (trunk)


  • Add a picture picker when sharing a URL in a post
  • Merge Publish in PublishBrief
  • Implement XEP-0157 to allow users to contact their administrators
  • Change the Reply button to Share
  • Add a spoiler on NSFW articles in the news feed
  • Show a spoiler on NSFW posts when the filter is enabled in News
  • Enhancements on Visio and CSS improvements
  • Fix date display in Chat on instable connectivity
  • Add a Preview widget to allow previsualisation of pictures in Movim
  • Code cleanup
  • Add support of XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP
  • Use longer varchar for some columns in the database (Roster and Posts)
  • Replace movim/sasl with fabiang/sasl
  • Fix several Warnings and Errors
  • Move Pubsub subscriptions to a specific PEP nodes to prevent overwritting by another client
  • Replace Modl with Eloquent
  • Fix IPC cleanup when launching the daemon
  • Add support for MAM configuration
  • Add support for XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatar
  • Allow avatars to be retrieved and set for chatrooms
  • Move Websocket URI below the base URI (e.g. /ws → /movim/ws)
  • Remove preliminary Debian packaging
  • Bundle moxl
  • Remove several dependencies (heyupdate/emoji, clue/buzz-react, ramsey/uuid) and fix the versions of some of them (react/zmq, rain/raintpl, react/http)
  • Improve handling of Emojis (by mirabilos)
  • Improve performances by using eager loading (for Chats, Posts and Contacts related widgets)
  • Redirect the unauthenticated to the correct page when trying to access ?post
  • Link Chatrooms and Pubsub nodes using muc#roominfo_pubsub in the UI
  • Update the favicon
  • Fix the public pages metadata
  • Update the MaterialIcons font to the Google one
  • Cleanup the CSS
  • Index some columns in the database (Message, Attachements) to improve performances
  • Allow to pick no pictures when sharing a link
  • Add some animations to the CSS
  • Replace the placeholders with the default icon font
  • Improve the search feature
  • Remove the main Contacts page and related widgets (Roster, ContactDisco…)
  • Move the invitations and like/comments notifications to the sidebar
  • Add support for SQLite (JKingweb)
  • Use higher resolution images to have proper avatars in hi-def screens
  • Handle the MUC self-presences using a session state during the join
  • Display the moderator messages differently in MUCs
  • Move the Communities, Blogs and News articles feeds to paginated ones
  • Autoescape templates by default in RainTPL
  • Remove the action buttons in Chat
  • Use XEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs as unique identifiers for the Messages in the DB
  • Improve video call and terminate flows
  • Allow the usage of Markdown for the Login page information


  • Update ReactPHP
  • Use PHP ZeroMQ to manage the communications between the processes
  • Cleanup some existing buffers
  • Add a pure HTTP ajax endpoint for some futur requests that needs it
  • Add some slight animations in the UI
  • Add a nightmode
  • Cleanup and refactorize some CSS (colors, forms)
  • Improve the connectivity UX status of chatrooms
  • Publish the chat messages using Ajax
  • Improve the configuration of Communities
  • Update the OpenSans font


  • Add xmpp: uri to public pages headers
  • Code cleanup (by RyDroid)
  • Remove gender, marital and the Skype/Twitter/Yahoo account info
  • Fix Content-Security-Policy
  • UI improvement for the bottom navigation on mobile
  • Cleanup the Privacy Model
  • Set a max-width for the picture preview in Upload
  • Add application/javascript header to prevent MIME type checking issue
  • Redesign the Communities page
  • Remove the CommunitiesDiscover widget

v0.12 – Lovejoy

  • Add autojoin support for chatrooms
  • New Contact page
  • Improve Posts tags detection and navigation
  • New system to recover the session quickly
  • New PublishBrief widget
  • Add support for MUC invitations
  • Don't notify if the user is not in the Roster
  • UI optimisations
  • Better integration for Youtube videos
  • Add support of XEP-0333: Chat Markers
  • Update the translations
  • New design for the post Material Design cards
  • New UI for adding a contact through a Gateway (by singpolyma)
  • Allow users to clear their information on the instance and leave it properly
  • Add NSFW filter configuration
  • Save Draft of publications in Publish and PublishBrief
  • Add touch support to open the menu on mobile devices
  • Improve Stickers picker
  • Display more information in the Rooms list
  • Suggest public and open chatrooms on the Chat page
  • New navigation menu for mobile devices
  • Rotate correctly the JPEG files when uploading them
  • Add support of private MUC messages
  • Redesign of the Community main page
  • Refactor and cleanup the management of the comments internaly
  • Autocomplete nicknames in MUC using tabulation (by pztrn)
  • Add picture preview when posting links in MUC
  • Redesign the MUC bubbles to unify the style with the simple chats
  • Enable history for MUC
  • Pictures can be previewed before upload
  • Do not send the message when carriage return is pressed on mobile
  • More colors!
  • Protect pictures URLs with a HTTP HEAD check
  • Add Miho sticker pack
  • Add support of MAM (up to mam:2) for the MUCs

v0.11 – Tuttle

  • Navigation improvement
  • Add previous/next post shortcut in the footer of each posts
  • Highlight mentionned messages in chatrooms
  • Non alpha-numeric Pubsub items and nodes support
  • Non alpha-numeric JID support
  • Fix Markdown links with underscores
  • Fix two-way contact subscription button in Contact
  • New simplified and optimized Roster
  • Improved search (global and roster)
  • CSS fixes
  • Refactoring of the groups page UI and UX
  • Add (small) picture embeding in chats
  • Various speed optimisation
  • Add reply feature of existing posts
  • New and improved Share widget, now supports xmpp: links
  • New Stickers!
  • Big refactoring of the Groups, now called Communities with improved navigation and discovery features
  • Also refactor the Post widget
  • Add an Onboarding widget with some advices
  • Add Like feature
  • New Notifications widget to keep track of the comments and likes
  • Improvements in Carbons feature
  • Improve the Stickers picker
  • Refactor and cleanup the session management

v0.10 – Holmes

  • Resize and compress large pictures in Upload
  • Refactor MovimWebsocket and fix disconnection issues
  • Remove and cleanup old code
  • Handle errors when uploading large files
  • New bubble merging algorythm in the Chat
  • Improve UI and mobile UX on low resolution devices
  • New widget Drawer used for the stickers and the search form
  • Fix behaviour for Android and Electron packages
  • Fix Pubsub metadata handling for some XMPP servers
  • Add global search
  • Add silent notifications for chatrooms
  • Add alternate nickname support (adding "_") when joining a chatroom
  • Allow room configuration edition
  • Put your own XMPP server as default in the configuration ( in fallback)
  • Close the Dialog box when pressing ESC
  • Moving values from Sessionx to Session
  • Using chart.js for the statistics
  • Refactor the "public" system for the Posts
  • CSS fixes
  • Add Last Message Edition support
  • Improve Post discovery in the News page
  • Add stickers support
  • Improve loading time for Chat page
  • Improve Chat bubbles display
  • New compact date display
  • Clean properly the tags in the database
  • Allow tags with special characters
  • Various UI and navigation fixed
  • Use UUID as identifiers for the messages and posts
  • Delete properly the comments when deleting a post
  • Update the dependencies
  • Create an internal API to save some memory and improve session handling
  • Improve image handling in posts
  • Improve overall performances

v0.9 – Tchouri

  • New User Interface for the whole project
  • Removed BOSH connections and introduce pure XMPP TLS connections
  • Full real-time + daemon
  • New Blog engine and custom CSS support
  • New post publication system + attachements supported (upload and embed links)
  • Fully responsive design UI based on Material Design
  • Huge code cleanup and refactoring
  • Updated i18n system and new languages
  • New eventing system
  • New administration panel
  • New dedicated chat page and emojis support
  • New project icon and favicon
  • New implementation for the Groups feature
  • New Roster based on Angular
  • Refactor the Contact management system and add a gallery on the profiles
  • New universal-share bookmarklet
  • CSS animations and mobile integration (FirefoxOS and Android)
  • Internet Explorer 11 support
  • PHP7 Support

v0.8.1 – Polar Aurora

  • Add charts in the Statistics
  • Add a Caps support table
  • Fix some Jingle issues
  • New Mud actions to create/update the database and change the administration configuration
  • New InitAccount widget to create persistent PEP node on the first login
  • Clean the Feed widget
  • Fix various CSS bugs + fix mobile UI
  • Add title attribute to some truncated texts
  • Add a new fancy login system
  • Show the status in the Roster
  • Optimize the Presence handling
  • Improve the MUC presence handling
  • Improve the posts CSS
  • Add a fancy XEP visualisator

v0.8.0 – Polar Aurora

  • Refactor the whole Movim sourcecode + clean old code
  • Quite all the Movim widgets are now using a full MVC system
  • Rewrite the core session manager (Sessionx)
  • Add a new localisation system + new translations
  • Move the Movim libraries and dependencies to Composer and convert Modl and Moxl to PSR-0 to simplify the loading and packaging of the libraries
  • Monolog is now the new log library for Movim
  • Lots of warnings fixed
  • Add WebRTC threw Jingle audio-video conferencing
  • Make the UI fully responsible (from smartphone to FullHD screens)
  • The Roster widget has been totally rewriten
  • New picture library manager (with new thumbnail generation system)
  • Better MUC integration in the Chat widget
  • Rich text messages are now supported in the Chat widget
  • Add Vcard4 ( support in the profile
  • Implement the new official Movim API (
  • Huge sourcecode optimisation
  • Rewrite the Administration panel and split it in many little widgets
  • Move the full configuration system to the database (except the database credentials)
  • List all the Movim network pods on a new page
  • Move the all UI to OpenSans
  • Add Title support during post publication
  • New statistics page for the administrators
  • Rewrite the infos page and move it to a widget, move the data structure from XML to JSON
  • Use SASL2 library ( for the XMPP authentication and add SCRAM-SHA1 mechanism support
  • Split the Profile form in 3 littles forms (general, avatar and localisation)
  • Rewrite the Explore page
  • Move from XML to JSON for the browser-server requests
  • Update the locales

v0.7.2 – Sandstorm

  • Rewrite Modl to Modl2 with dynamic database update, PDO support (MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • Add support of XEP-0084: User Avatar
  • Bug fixes in chatroom
  • Complete rewrite f the bookmark/subscription system
  • Huge code optimisation (x10 of some parts)
  • CSS fixes
  • Fix lot of issues on the groups (add youtube video support) + microblog
  • Add a new log system
  • Various minor bug fixed

v0.7.1 – Sandstorm

  • Huge speed optimisation
  • Fux UI fix
  • Implement picute insertion in posts
  • Chat fix
  • Smiley updated

v0.7.0 – Sandstorm

  • Media hosting and implementation (picture) @edhelas
  • Group implementation @edhelas @nodpounod
  • Datajar to Modl ( portage @edhelas
  • Video + picture integration (gallery preview) @edhelas
  • Admin panel with hosting space administration @edhelas
  • URL rewriting @edhelas
  • Multi User Chat @edhelas

v0.6.1 – Cumulus

  • Fix SSL certificate problem

v0.6.0 – Cumulus

  • Create a new installer @kilian @edhelas
  • Create admin user interface to change conf.xml @edhelas
  • Improved user experience @edhelas

Core @edhelas

  • 100% Moxl integration
  • Add Moxl support to

Widgets @edhelas


  • Support “user is typing”


  • bidirectional friendrequests. Users can always see each other
  • little search box to filter the list (nodpounod)



  • Support updating of db-schemas.


  • Pull new translations automaticly into trunk
  • Add new translations


  • Support of the XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities, which enables the client to communicate its features and the extent of its XMPP support to the server
  • Implementation of DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5 as more secure log-in mechanisms

v0.5.0 – Snowball

  • Parse all the Movim messages to make them more “user-friendly” (smileys, links, bb-code like) @Etenil
  • DONE Make a public XML page reporting on the pod status (how many user hosted, version, current status…), to be pinged from @edhelas
  • Move DataJar based Classes into a single folder @edhelas
  • Cleaner CSS @edhelas
  • Update dates (like “2 min ago”) automatically @edhelas
  • Clean and move UserConf in a single class @edhelas
  • New UI @edhelas


  • Integrate Datajar @etenil
  • Test Movim on all Datajar back-ends @etenil
  • Write a makefile to manage packaging/pulling dependencies @etenil
  • Provide a more consistent API for the XMPP library (to ease the replacement of JAXL later) @etenil
  • Store the Caps (XEP-115) in the database to cache them @edhelas

Widgets @edhelas

  • Move Profile to a single page
  • Merge “News” and “Feed” in one single widget and create filters (by source, date…)
  • Create a system to cache the Widgets


  • Add groups support
  • Fixed Bug : chat link when a contact become online


  • New system to switch the presences
  • Change the status


  • Store comments in the database
  • Add comments
  • Show/hide old comments if there is a lot of them (like 2 or more)


  • Add Avatar support
  • Date picker for the birth date (kilian)
  • Display client informations


  • More consistent UI
  • Store all the Messages in the database to handle them more cleanly


  • Multisession support
  • Dynamically modify page title
  • image.php to built pictures from the database + ask the browser to cache them
  • Inscription on the Server (XMPP+Movim)
  • HTML5 + HTML Title page notification on a new message
  • Support of HTTP Proxy (installation and configuration)
  • Support of HTTPS Servers
  • Implementation on ORDERBY in the Storage database library
  • Fix language selector
  • Fix Roster display and organisation
  • Fix Chat display
  • Rename some widgets
  • Fix Vcard widget


  • Widgets debugging
  • Enlarge widgets
  • Notifications
  • Blinking tab title
  • Coloured nicknames
  • Cached conversation
  • Tabbed conversations
  • Blocks-based layout
  • More bug fixes
  • URL Rewriting
  • Logger


  • Inter-widgets communication
  • Proper disconnection handling
  • Added Installer
  • Changed to static loading
  • Speed optimisations
  • Improved Javascript libraries
  • Added unit-testing structure
  • Restructured the program
  • Reimplemented PHP's session
  • Added Cache
  • Use of SQLite3 as Cache/Session back-end (only for 0.2)
  • Improved theme


  • Base core
  • Events system
  • Configuration
  • XMPP connection
  • Widget system