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Movintracks Cordova Plugin

A cordova plugin for the Movintracks SDK that brings the power of interactive campaigns with beacons to HTML5 mobile apps.

  • Cordova 3.0+
  • Android and iOS

Get your license here:

A 2 minute tutorial on Movintracks:

Watch what others are doing with beacons at iBeaconsblog weekly news:


Add the plugin to a project. With Phonegap:

$ phonegap local plugin add

With Cordova:

$ cordova plugin add


There are several options available at the JavaScript layer after importing the Movintracks module.

Module initialization

var movintracks = cordova.require("cordova/plugin/movintracks");

Movintracks instantiation

	function() {
	    console.log('Movintracks SDK Demo Init Success');
	function() {
	    console.log('Movintracks SDK Demo Init Error');

After installation, a file movintracks.json is copied automatically from the plugin root folder to each platform specific folder (i.e. a copy for Android, a copy for iOS). This file contains certain settings required to initialize the SDK. Only movintracks.json in platform specific folders have to be modified.

  • rootServer: Url to Movintracks API server, usually
  • apiKey: Movintracks API Key. If you are using the Movintracks dashboard, find it in Profile > SDK & API
  • apiSecret: Movintracks Secret Key
  • googleProjectNumber: Google project number for push notifications
  • googleAPIKey: Google API Key for push notifications


"rootServer": "", 
"apiKey": "", 
"apiSecret": "", 
"googleProjectNumber": "", 
"googleAPIKey": ""

Don't forget add to your whitelist

For Android, you will find the file at: yourProject/platforms/android/assets/

For iOS:

  1. Select the project target
  2. Select the Build Phases
  3. Expand the Compile Source
  4. Remove the movintracks.json file
  5. Expand the Copy Bundle Resources
  6. Add movintracks.json file

Force download data


Get number of beacons available


Get the device ID


Set callback for 'custom callback' SDK feature

var customCallBackName = {"name":"<callback id>"};
     * success callback
     * @param response: a dictionary like {name: "", param1: 1, param2: 2}
    function (response) {},
     * error callback
    function (error) {}

Find a demo project in /demo

Compile and run

Build and run the application for all platforms.

$ cordova run

Or just build, optionally targetting only one platform:

$ cordova build [ios]

Compiling for Android requires Gradle:

$ ANDROID_BUILD=gradle cordova run android

Required changes for Android

  • Add to AndroidManifest.xml, in the <application> tag:

  • If you would like to use Twitter, add your own Twitter keys to assets/

Required changes for iOS

  • Open Xcode project and go to AppDelegate.m

  • Add #import "AppDelegate+Movintracks.h"

  • Add to didReceiveLocalNotification method:

      [self.movintracks applicationDidReceiveLocalNotification:notification];
  • In your .plist create a key called FacebookAppID with a string value. If you don't want to use Facebook actions, leave the value empty.

Optional changes for iOS

If code in the client app calls directly components in libraries used by the Movintracks SDK (e.g. AFNetworking, NSData+MD5Digest, MWFeedParser), open the xcode project and import manually their header files included in sdk-ios/include/ExternalLibs.

Using social actions with Facebook

If you want to use social actions with Facebook, you will need to install a Facebook Plugin that it uses Facebook's SDK v4.4. Movintracks SDK requires user_likes permission for Follow social profile action and publish_actions for Post social message action.


Post an image to a social profile action is disabled in Cordova plugin.


A cordova plugin for the Movintracks SDK that brings the power of interactive campaigns with beacons to HTML5 mobile apps



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