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package akkapatterns
import scala.collection.mutable
import WorkPullingPattern._
import scala.collection.IterableLike
import scala.reflect.ClassTag
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory
object WorkPullingPattern {
sealed trait Message
trait Epic[T] extends Iterable[T] //used by master to create work (in a streaming way)
case object GimmeWork extends Message
case object CurrentlyBusy extends Message
case object WorkAvailable extends Message
case class RegisterWorker(worker: ActorRef) extends Message
case class Work[T](work: T) extends Message
class Master[T] extends Actor {
val log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass)
val workers = mutable.Set.empty[ActorRef]
var currentEpic: Option[Epic[T]] = None
def receive = {
case epic: Epic[T]
if (currentEpic.isDefined)
sender ! CurrentlyBusy
else if (workers.isEmpty)
log.error("Got work but there are no workers registered.")
else {
currentEpic = Some(epic)
workers foreach { _ ! WorkAvailable }
case RegisterWorker(worker)"worker $worker registered")
workers += worker
case Terminated(worker)"worker $worker died - taking off the set of workers")
case GimmeWork currentEpic match {
case None"workers asked for work but we've no more work to do")
case Some(epic)
val iter = epic.iterator
if (iter.hasNext)
sender ! Work(
else {"done with current epic $epic")
currentEpic = None
abstract class Worker[T](val master: ActorRef) extends Actor {
override def preStart {
master ! RegisterWorker(self)
master ! GimmeWork
def receive = {
case WorkAvailable
master ! GimmeWork
case Work(work: T)
// haven't found a nice way to get rid of that warning
// looks like we can't suppress the erasure warning:
master ! GimmeWork
def doWork(work: T)