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Omega is a Universe Simulator that implements a client-server protocol based on JSON-RPC.

You can see it in action here

The server listens for requests over a variety of protocols including TCP, HTTP, Websockets, AMQP, and more.

Clients written in any language may communicate with Omega.

Omega Arch


The Power Of Omega

For some ideas of what is possible with omega see the examples/ directory.

This is just the tip of the iceburg, Omega is extensible and scalable in many different ways.

Getting Help

Issues / bugs with Omega may be filed with the github project tracker.

There is a combined user / development mailing / forum which can be found here. Feel free to send any questions / bugs / or random (related) topics of conversation.

Feel free to join us on the megaverse chat channel in #megaverse on the freenode irc network.

Note various people pop in/and out from time to time, if noone is around, simply drop in at another day/time and there is a good chance someone will be there (feel free to ping me 'mmorsi' directly for a quick response)

##About A project with many goals but also a good sense of direction and a labor of love.

There's alot more coming, stay tuned for updates!