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Various things that could be done:

Until github issues are created (feel free to file any for any issues you encounter on any platform) check the codebase for specific action items. Search (or grep) through the code for the following strings:

  • FIXME: critical feature or change needed for an important reason
  • TODO: less critical tasks that need to be done at some point
  • XXX: a dirty hack that should be cleaned up / refactored at some point

Simulation Mechanics

  • multiple weapons per ship
  • different types of weapon systems (missles, lasers, etc),
  • weapon upgrades / swaps
  • attack / defense probabilities
  • construction requirements (research, blueprints, etc)
  • new system discovery / creation / naming
  • open dynamics engine integration
  • economy / trading (p2p based?)
  • planetary interactions
  • collision detection
  • gravity and quantum based movement strategies
  • fog of war (new privilege 'locations_in_vicinity' or similar?)
  • allow admin to register default mission dsl callbacks added to every mission created

Server Features

Client Features

  • non-webgl canvas fallback support
  • more audio effects (ship attack, destroyed, mining, etc)
  • improve webgl graphics (star texture wrapping, galaxy spiral, attacking/shield-refresh/destroyed/mining/construction animations, etc)
  • improved ncurses client:
  • improved command line client:
  • flight/fleet formations
  • alliances
  • simple/quick-launchable desktop gui based client
    • support for multiple distributed servers
    • occulus rift / kinect support
  • single player / bundled offline mode
  • Android, iOS clients (and server support? and other mobile device integration?)
  • IRC bot / Omega Client - allow querying and control of omega right from irc
  • Omega status desktop applet


  • audio
  • story
  • cutscenes
  • trailers


  • submit packages to debian and fedora
  • scrolling marquee ingame w/ news (perhaps from blog rss feed or twitter feed?)
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