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License: MIT

Lightweight LAMP vagrant box mainly intended for web development using Laravel

Torch is lightweight Vagrant box (below 500MB) based on Ubuntu server, with PHP and Apache as a HTTP server. It was initially created for in-house development. After many hours using it, we decided - why not share it publicly. Hope some of you will find it useful.


To be able to use this box you'll need Virtualbox and Vagrant. You can find more info and installation instructions in the following links: MacOS, Ubuntu or follow Official Installation Docs


Torch Laravel PHP Apache MySql Box OS
v0.1 >= 5.1, <= 5.5 7.0 2.4 14.14 Ubuntu 16.04
v0.2 >= 5.5 7.1 2.4 14.14 Ubuntu 16.04
v0.3 >= 5.5 7.2 2.4 14.14 Ubuntu 16.04

Software Included

Beside software from the table above, all versions of Torch includes:

  • Composer
  • Node
  • NPM
  • NVM
  • Yarn
  • Git

If your're curious about exact versions of above software, checkout our official Vagrant Cloud Repo

Setup The Box

If you did not clone this repo already

git clone

# ... and navigate to created project directory
cd torch

Depending of the Laravel and PHP version you want to use, you need to checkout specific Torch branch (see "Compatibility" section above).

Let's say we want to use Laravel 5.5, in this case we'll need to switch to branch 0.1.

git checkout 0.1

Light The Torch

We're ready to light the torch!

There is actually 2 roads from here.

Vagrant Apprentice Road

At this point, you might need some further info about setting up Laravel project with the Torch box.

We dedicated entire blog post on our website: Running Laravel On Torch Vagrant Box

Vagrant Master Road

If you know what should be done, and you're using vagrant for a while, start with inspecting Vagrantfile and check details about assigned operating memory, number of cores, shared folders etc.

Finally run

vagrant up

Vagrant will download, install and power up the Torch box.

After this process is finished, type

vagrant ssh

aaaannd your're in 🍻

Happy coding and vagranting,

Movor team


Lightweigh LAMP vagrant box mainly intended for web development using Laravel





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