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A simple git server, using only your local git installation.
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A Simple GIT Server, using only your local GIT installation.

Example Configuration File

Create a YAML file named sgits.yml in the working directory of SGITS.

For example:

# http listen address
listen: :3558

# root directory of your projects
root: /home/tao/code

# username to git server
username: name

# password for username
password: pass

Now, SGITS will listen on :3558 as a GIT server.

Accessing the GIT server

Because GIT server requires bare repositories (without working directory), you should first create it before pushing:

# at projects root
$ git init --bare repo

Now, you can push and clone:

# first add as remote
$ git remote add sgits http://localhost:3558/repo

# push to remote
$ git push -u sgits master

Note: No suffix .git is required.


For security, you can set username and password in your configuration file.

If username and password are set:

  • Authenticated Read
  • Authenticated Write

If username and password are NOT set:

  • Anonymous Read
  • Authenticated Write
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