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… other IDEs like Intellij IDEA
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@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ or via https (to prevent firewall problems)
[Java]( is required at least in version 8 (JRE 1.8).
[Apache Maven] ( is the software build and management tool for MovSim.
[Apache Maven]( is the software build and management tool for MovSim.
MovSim produces csv/text-based output that can be plotted using [gnuplot]( or other tools.
@@ -85,16 +85,6 @@ To build MovSim, type `mvn install` from the main MovSim directory.
To run the movsim _core_ or _viewer_ see their respective readme files: [core]( and [viewer](
## Eclipse
MovSim can be built and run from within the [Eclipse IDE]( with the m2e(Maven Integration for Eclipse) plugin.
Import the project into Eclipse from the _File >> Import_ menu item. In the resulting Select dialog, choose the _General >> Existing Projects into Workspace_ option. In the resulting dialog select the `movsim/core` directory and import. Repeat for the `movsim/viewer` directory.
You can then build and run either the _core_ or _viewer_ Java applications.
We use the source code formatter _movsim/misc/codestyle/eclipse_movsim_profile.xml_.
## Development
We follow the naming conventions of the [Git Flow Model]( Please checkout the branch *develop* to start with the latest source code.

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