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@alfredmox alfredmox released this Feb 20, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

  • New PoW
  • Bulletproofs
  • Hardware wallets

No update required if your coins are on the exchange (we do not advise keeping them here)
Miners will be required to update their mining software if they want to benefit from the auto-switching

for faster synchronization you can import the raw blockchain file directly with mox-blockchain-import. It's found here :

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@alfredmox alfredmox released this Sep 29, 2018 · 76 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #4 from mox-project/checkpoints_1.2.0.2

Checkpoints and version bumping
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@darylxp darylxp released this Aug 18, 2018 · 86 commits to master since this release

Upstream merge to 0.12.4 XMR and some extra fixes for that of GUI implementation.

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Aug 16, 2018
Merge pull request #2 from mox-project/1.2
Jul 22, 2018
Add seed nodes
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