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Front-end component of a web app based on the modular LEAN concept.
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Barebones of an angular app with some features.

  • Work with ES2015
  • Create fake API
  • Compile SASS
  • Setup variables for different ENVS



  • Node
  • NPM

Getting Started

Clone the repo

To start a new project without the moxie-lean/ng-web-app commit history you can run:

git clone --depth=1 <your-project-name>

The depth=1 tells git to only pull down one commit worth of historical data.

Install Dependencies

Web App uses npm to manage dependencies. Run the following in the project's root directory:

npm install

Download NPM / NodeJS first if you don't already have it installed globally.

After you finished the installation of the dependencies you must run the following script to build the dev version and the creation of some dir where all the asets live.

npm run set-up

The command will build the assets in dev mode.

Create Fake API Data

Design your API structure and add your fake JSON data to config/json/db.json (sample file included with this project for you to edit).

Finally run the following in the project's root folder to start the server:

npm run json-server

Your API will be available at http://localhost:3000/, e.g. http://localhost:3000/posts/1

See the JSON Server Documentation for more options.

Set-up ENV Variables

Edit the config settings in config/config.json. These are committed to git.

You can create a copy called config/config.local.json which will be loaded instead if it exists. This is not committed to git (it's in .gitignore).

Automatic commands

This commands are triggered automatically after certain actions on NPM, you don't need to type anything to execute this commands, and are listed here to let you know what's going on on certain actions.


This script is triggered after the command npm install and is executed after npm install has finished. In this action we run:

  1. The installation of the bower dependencies
  2. Creation of directories for builds
  3. Build of develop assets.


Inside of the projet there are several commands you can use as a build tools and helper commands to compile assets, watch changes and so on, every command are available to use after you have.


npm start

This command will allow you to wake up the http server, and you will be able to access to the site at localhost:8000, the command will be waiting for any response to the server you can run this command on the background or in another tab for preference, you can kill the server at any time just by typing ctrl + c.


npm run json-server

This is very similar to the previous but instead it opens a server at port 3000 where you can access to fake APIs and you can create your own APIS and use that in your development process to test.

Build Commands

Several build commands are included. Each can be run for all file types or just a specific file type.

  • Use npm run <build_command> to run for all file types (where available).
  • Use npm run <file_type>:<build_command> to run for a specific file type [js, styles or templates].

For example:

  • Run npm run watch whilst developing.
  • Run npm run build on the production server.
  • Run npm run ci in Travis.
  • Run npm run styles:watch to only watch scss files whilst developing..

The build commands are:


npm run ci

Runs Lint code sniffer on all file types [js and styles].


npm run dev

Creates the dev versions (unminified with sourcemaps) of all file types [js, styles and template].


npm run dev

Creates the production versions (minified) of all file types [js, styles and template].

Note that Angular dependencies are automatically injected before minifying. This means there is no need to use x.$inject = [].


npm run watch

Watches for changes on all file types and runs their dev task when detected [js, styles and template].

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