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spotify links in firefox #134

almark opened this Issue December 31, 2011 · 5 comments

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almark Jonns Mostovoys Ewan Marshall

Hi, with convergence enabled spotify links in firefox don't work, not really a showstopper, when i disable convergence from the menu they work, it's just a bit annoying...

Jonns Mostovoys

It might be a common knowledge, though can you tell the least educated of us what is "spotify links".
Brief googling on firefox addons didn't help. (


Here an example of link posted via facebook, a link like this starts spotify and spotify plays the song.


Jonns Mostovoys

So you mean that add-on, am I right?
I'll try to debug it when I've got time. Though it'd be really helpful if you'd stick with the following approach when reporting client-side bugs:

1) ff version;
2) Convergence version;
3) additional information (in your case — bad synergy of Convergence with another add-on) with links to the other add-on;
4) a way to reproduce the issue;
5) optionally — firefox console output.

That makes the work with the issue way easier and joyful.

Jonn Mostovoy,

Ewan Marshall
ewanm89 commented May 03, 2012

Sptofiy link 1 and spotify:track:6gdf0urHTdAPJx1sr1joRJ (github doesn't alow the custom URI)
The first is usually for non registered applications and redirects to the second which is just a custom URI handler for the browser.

almark commented May 03, 2012
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