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@David263 David263 asked which servers are still up--my hunch is: none Jun 14, 2016 ff54662
@Lcstyle Lcstyle notary no longer running Jan 2, 2016 66ceec8
@pesco pesco removing my entry - service has shut down Nov 17, 2015 1769d80
@pyramids pyramids unified [at sign] and [at] to the later; fixes unintentional line breaks Aug 2, 2014 334c3dc
@pyramids pyramids Replaced [shift+2] with [at sign] to improve accessibility with non-US keyboard layouts; left existing [at] rather than unifying them to [at sign], too Aug 2, 2014 3cd1059
@reissmann reissmann Updated Notaries (markdown) Sep 10, 2013 1a0751d
@todi todi Removed Mar 31, 2013 5254a1f
seanieb64 Updated Notaries (markdown) Jan 2, 2013 b10ca3e
neofish Removed Nov 17, 2012 8f84cf5
@kargig kargig Updated Notaries (markdown) Oct 8, 2012 6ecc72a
@Telarian Telarian Updated Notaries (markdown) Jul 9, 2012 24529d6
maertsen Removed SNT from the list of HA-notaries. Jun 11, 2012 81dcb17
@yesxorno yesxorno removed Technical University of Denmark low availability notary May 28, 2012 80c4990
@moxie0 moxie0 Updated TACK ECC (creole) May 23, 2012 41745cb
@moxie0 moxie0 Updated TACK (creole) May 23, 2012 6e322a4
@ebfe ebfe description of the signed data seems incorrect Apr 19, 2012 7f76a36
@todi todi Sorted low availability notaries alphabetically Apr 10, 2012 bb8e39a
@todi todi Added as a notary. Apr 10, 2012 d9a9c21
@danielgoering danielgoering Updated Sites with broken SSL (markdown) Mar 9, 2012 dc08b70
@fmiller fmiller Added Filecrypt as a notary. Feb 29, 2012 a78ed6e
@krugar krugar due to server restructuring and memory constraints, the notary file for resides under http for now. should move back to https later Feb 16, 2012 a6464eb
@christianpanton christianpanton Updated Notaries (markdown) Feb 13, 2012 514ae05
@deserthail deserthail Removing server that will no longer be hosted. Feb 12, 2012 0e636b5
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 5, 2012 e86a493
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 5, 2012 aaefe47
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 3, 2012 78e1fe6
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 3, 2012 cb2204e
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 3, 2012 26da4f7
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 3, 2012 95f2dfb
@trevp trevp Updated TACK (creole) Feb 3, 2012 40ec46e
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